Tuesday, November 24, 2009


thanks to my angel tara- i don't have to leave my baby's side to blog. thanks for the computer, ill take good care of it and return it soon :)
oh this has been a crazy ride everyday. we learn something new and cry a little more. i keep telling ryan our dreams are just changing and thats okay. im not thinking about makenzie learning to walk or talk, im thinking about makenzie smiling at me today. i cant express how happy i get when i see her kick her legs. she never used to do that.

before we came into the hospital she was severely malnourished. more than i thought. i was doing all i could to get her to eat anything. the calls to the doctors kept telling me she was still not feeling well from surgery. until tuesday. i couldnt take it anymore and she was a shade of blue. when the doctor hooked her up to the oxygen machine- her levels were in the 70's. they should be above 80. they rushed her to primary's in an ambulance. after getting here we were admitted to the 3rd floor. test were being done daily. she was rarely in her room because we were going from one thing to another. i got to hold her then though. i stayed with her every second of everyday. she was uncomfortable and in pain. she was arching her back so far the back of her head was touching her back. they kept turning up her oxygen. no one knew what was going on. they kept telling me she was their question baby. i saw more doctors in 3 days than i have my whole life x10. on thursday a neurologist came in and saw makenzie for the first time. she didnt even leave the room to talk to the doctors- she started demanding them to admit makenzie to the picu. she kept saying doctor lingo but i would catch things like, she is going to crash any minute, she will just stop breathing, she will give up. in that moment i was alone and i froze. my heart few out of my body. i couldnt believe this was happening. as fast as they said everything to me they unhooked my baby from the wall, put all her support in her crib and took her down to picu. ryan was already almost at the hospital so after i called him in a panic to hurry he parked the car on a curb and ran up there. as we went into the picu we were greeted by a team of 6 doctors. they all rambled off the same story i have told about a million times now as to whats been going on with makenzie. ryan and i were each talked to as well. they asked us to leave so they could intubation her (put a breathing tube down her throat) i was so scared i didnt know what to do. after being in the picu for a day and many test, including an mri to see if she had a tumor or mass on her brain which came back normal, we were given the news.
the best doc in the country if not the world for sma was our doctor. she sat ryan and i down and told us what she was pretty certain makenzie had. as she told me what my daughters life would probably be like i crumbed. she crumbled with me. she hugged me while i cried. after she left ryan and i sat there without talking. i felt i was in a dream. life was not suppose to happen like this. our baby was perfect and she would grow up to be homecoming queen. all the sudden we we didnt know if she would live past 2.
over the next day or so life was fuzzy. we cried and cried. i broke down many times telling ryan i cant do this. i didnt know what to do or say. we were overwhelmed by the support of our family and friends. we started getting more information on sma and the different types and realized this is what life is all about. change. a new day. a new challenge. i have heard from more than one amazing parent that has their child here in the picu as well that we are given our children for a reason. makenzie is meant to be with ryan and i. if makenzie was 'normal' i would be happy but if i couldnt have makenzie 'normal' but another baby 'normal' i wouldnt take it for a second. i couldnt imagine not having my daughter. she is so amazing. im trying to realize these things are suppose to happen and we are meant to go through this. we dont know what our future looks like or if we will have a future with our baby but we know we have this moment now. i hate to say that. i hate to not know if there will be a future but i guess everyone can say that.
makenzie's vocal cords are paralyzed. they are not sure why that is. they dont know if they will heal. i hate that. i want sooo badly to just hear her voice, to hear her cry. i am just praying that i can have that again. that is my dream right now. she is so beautiful. her eyes are so bright all the time, she smiles at me all the time. she even had the energy to fart in my face the first time they let me change her diaper :)
today is a scary day for me. she will be going into surgery at 2 to get her g tube placed in her belly. she needs to get better nutrition. she is still very small. the surgery takes 2 hours. im so scared. i cried in the shower this morning. i just hate the fact that my 4 month old will already have had 2 surgery's. within the next few days they will try to get her off the ventilator. its not a good thing for them to keep that in for long. when they take it out, if she can breath on her own and her vocal cords stay open she can live with a bipap. if her vocal cords close, she will need a tracheotomy. life is going to be different from here on out but as long as i have my ryan and makenzie i dont care what happens my dreams have come true.


derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

Kendra, I love you so much. You are an amazing mother and you have so much strength and love, I admire you for that! I can't wait until I get to come see you and Kenzie again!

Tara Bennett said...

Thank you for your amazing perspective, Kendra. You are my hero. Sending lots of love and many prayers that today's surgery goes well.

Daniel.Sarah.Allysea.Kennadi said...

Kendra, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this! You are an amazing person with unimaginable strength. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Codi said...

Kendra -
We've never met and I hope you don't mind me commenting but I wanted to comment. My sister is Caitlin Newland and she has been updating me on your darling baby girl. I am so, so, sorry you and your family are going through this.

I don't know if you know about my daughter Lucy but she was born very prematurely and spent over 70 days in the NICU - I know our situations are different but I just want you to know that I understand how frightening all of this is. Just know that your baby girl knows you are doing everything you can for her and at times when you can't hold her just your presence in the room will calm and comfort her.

Again, I know we don't know each other but I will be praying for your daughter and the rest of your family. If there is anything we could do to help please let Caitlin know.

Codi Schreck

Katie Danner said...
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Katie Danner said...

You are an amazing girl. I am praying for you all. I truly feel in my heart that Kenzie will be okay, and WILL come out of all of this. I can attest to you Kendra that remaining positive and being able to visualize her coming out 100% whole and healthy can truly create miracles. I honestly believe she will heal completely and this will just be something you will look back on as a small part of your lives. Love you Kendra. Stay strong.

The Pachuilo Family said...

Oh kendra, my heart just breaks for you. I cry every time I read something about your lil girl. I wish I could just come and give you a big hug and cry with you. I tell you though, Kenzie looks so dang beautiful. Your doing your best and I am so proud of you. She knows you LOVE her with all your heart and that you will always be there for her. It's a good thing that you have such a supportive hubby.
We will keep all of you in our prayers!

Kaily Wilson said...

Stay strong Kendra! You are doing so amazing. I can't imagine being in your shoes. You are a hero to us all and to your daughter! You both are amazing. Call if you need anything!

Heidi said...


I think about your family everyday! I know we have not been able to talk on the phone since you went to the hospital but I want you to know that you will get through this and you are not alone, just keep praying for anything and everything!:) pray for strength and guidence and remember the lord never gives you something that you can't handle. Please call or text me when I can come and visit you I want to bring you lunch or dinner at home or the hospital so tell me when I can come. I love you and miss you and you are an amazing friend and I hope I can give that back to you. I have always thouhgt you were so brave and so understanding and loving and positive. I always will look up to you. Take care of yourself. Your family is in my heart and prayers. love ya


Chanse and Janell said...

You are an AMAZING woman. I think about you, Ryan and Kenzie everyday and check this regularly for an update. You are in my thoughts.

LisaL said...

Hello Kendra,
I found your blog from Tara's blog. I have been following Gwendolyn Strong's blog for quite a while now so I knew a bit about SMA when Tara posted about your family. I wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family. Hoping you are able to get some rest and that you can feel God's love around you.

Nana said...

Hang in there Kendra. You are amazing. You are being so strong, stronger than you think you are! Kenzie is in good hands. I hope everything went well for her today.


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