Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Fat Day...

This time last year I found out I was pregnant just a week earlier. I was so happy knowing our next Thanksgiving would be spent with our brand new baby. I found the cutest 1st Thanksgiving outfit that would work for both a boy or girl. It came with this cute turkey bib. I had dreams of dressing her up, eating dinner with family and really having it all.
Fast forward a year.
I found out a week earlier my daughter may have a chronic genetic disease. I hated the fact that she couldn't smell her first Thanksgiving dinner, I hated that the morning of this great holiday I couldn't stop crying knowing I wouldn't be able to take my daughter to her first Thanksgiving. I was sad that I couldn't dress her in her 1st thanksgiving outfit.


Because I have an amazing bunch of family and friends and one out of this world husband...

I was finally able to realize half way through the day how blessed I am and that I need to think about the good instead of the not so good.

I look at those eyes and I cant begin to explain what happens to me. Life is great. I have her. I know her and I am able to love her. I will spend every moment of Makenzie's life trying to give her the world.
Thank you family and friends for your love, your support, prayers, hugs, kisses, food...
Thank you doctors for working everyday to help my baby. Thank you for falling in love with her every time you see her.
Thank you nurses for treating my baby with such love and care.
Thank you Ryan for holding me up right now. I would have not made it to today without you.
Thank you Makenzie for showing me a new world. For choosing me to be your Mother.
Hope all had a great day as well.


Tara Bennett said...

It was so good to see you guys today. Makenzie is looking so great in those pictures. I'm so glad she's thriving. Her eyes are just stunning. She will continue to thrive on all the love you give her!

Love you guys! xo

Nana said...

Isn't it funny where we find our blessings sometimes. Life takes us places we never suspect we will be going. You have a beautiful little family.

Devon said...

You have an amazingly beautiful family.

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Each picture and update Mackenzie looks like she is getting stronger and stronger. And thats so awesome about her weight! I know with my miscarriage recently I had a hard time looking at things on thanksgiving that are thankful. But I did find things. And Im glad you did to! I love the pic of you guys what a beautiful family you guys sure have!


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