Saturday, November 21, 2009


im really not sure where to start. life has taken a dramatic turn for our little family over the last day or so. our little makenzie is having a really hard time and is in the picu at primary childrens. she took a pretty bad turn last tuesday which resulted in her being rushed here in an ambulance. there is so much that has gone on and i only was able to break away for a moment. makenzie has been diagnosed with whats called spinal muscular atrophy. its really a very scary thing and to be honest im not really sure about much. i was going to quickly update my blog then do some research online. she is trying to stay strong and ryan and i are at times falling apart at the seems. we have some amazing family and friends who are being nothing less than amazing through this. we have some hard decisions to make coming up really soon and will try to keep this updated.

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Linds said...

We LOVE you! Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your little family. I am so grateful for what great examples of LOVE you three are. Keep up the love :)


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