Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Fun!

What a week and weekend!
3 kids =
poop butts, smelly hands, crying, screams, books, games, food, food, snacks, runny nose, homework, sleeping, snacks, drinks, bottles, spit up, blankets, hugs, kisses, laughs, smiles...
and we love every minute. This week has been another perfect week. What is it about screaming children that makes you realize how incredible life is? I cant figure that out yet however I really don't care. This week has been great other than rushing Teagan to insta care because of a horrible cough and having NO sleep due to this sick baby along with of course the regular school and work schedules to work into the kids school schedules.
Ryan was so awesome with the boys anytime I needed extra help and for him to watch them he was always right there doing everything.
The kids were always doing things to make us laugh. Teagan has now learned to officially roll all the way over this week but she gets stuck and smashes her face into the ground and screams bloody murder! Devlin is just like me in the way he is so clumsy! We both fall over air. I don't think he sat on a chair that he didn't fall off of for one reason or another. Kailum is just Mr boss man. Thinks he knows everything and everyone. I really hope I can be as smart as him one day. If he doesn't know the answer he makes one up and will defend it till he dies (which he does for almost everything that comes out of his mouth :)
They are all so adorable and funny kids.
Some of the fun pics I got while they were here:

Ryan and I will soon have a house with just the 2 of us! We have not had that in almost a month! Between Ryan being gone hunting and the kids with us- I cant believe how long its been. I'm getting very excited for Halloween-I have started to decorate and stock up for our Halloween Party! We had the best one last year so we think its now a tradition!

I'm so excited that its the fall. I hope it lasts for a while longer- the snow needs to wait! I love the snow during the month of December but that's it. I am anxious for fall leaves, Halloween, Apple cider, a light sweater day and of course Thanksgiving! Plus in 1 month Ryan and I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage. WOW seriously cant believe it :)

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Tara Bennett said...

Kendra you are hands down the best aunt ever! And I agree, fall, and I'll add spring too, need to last longer. Winter and summer should give up a few months each and let the milder seasons take longer turns!


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