Tuesday, October 14, 2008

one week later

one week later...
Thank you to Tara and Mary Leigh for answering my last post. I really needed to hear some of the things you said to me! This week has definitely been filled with pondering thoughts and prayers. I am happy. Loving my life. I am so blessed to have all that I have. Thank you for reaching out to me when I needed someone.

more into the week- school school school hospital
i have been sick the last week or so. having an upset tummy or something. the pain has been getting worse. Thursday night it woke me in the middle of the night. i couldn't get it to go away no matter what i did.
my hero grabbed his screaming wife who was covered in tears and sweat and drove to the ER. pain meds, sleeping pills, a big ugly IV later i was knocked out cold. Ryan got a few more hours of the sports Chanel in on the 5"x 5" tv in the room. blood test came back normal- the grouchy doc told us to go home !!! ????? still drunk off the pills i stumbled to the car (STILL IN PAIN) and went home. family doctors are so much nicer and they make me feel loved :) looking into a few things because the pain is still around- def not as bad! what could it be? they are thinking Crohns disease.... hmm... not really something i want but at least I'm not dieing... hooray... life is great!
**the webster winter fun weekend included finally turning the heater on in the house (ahh..) a few more letters and boxes of candy plus a funny shirt to send my lil bro for the next package!
DI run... yeah they still only have crap- yummy dinner with family- Addy is getting too big.
haunted house- almost killed my poor husband, clowns- chainsaw man and Kendra don't mix but great time to spend with kely though.
one day at a time- my family is amazing, my work is amazing, my dog is amazing and my husband is incredibly amazing. my life is so blessed!


Tara Bennett said...

You missed one amazing part in that last paragraph - YOU! You are amazing. I hope the docs figure out what's wrong soon. Chronic pain is so exhausting - mentally, physically, emotionally, it drains you. Prayers and hugs for you!

Gaspegirl said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog - be sure to visit often ;)

Trying again is scary but realizing that you are pregnant again is even worse! But we make it... somehow we find the strength to keep on and the end result is so worth the wait! Never count the pregnancies just say we are going to be healthy and try to have a baby, God-willing you will!

Best of luck with your current health and the rest will follow! (((hugs)))

Pam said...

hi! thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Nice to "meet" you, hope you are feeling better!


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