Friday, October 17, 2008

Face Lift...

Welcome- How the face life?
So not sure how much I "love" it but I think its better than the ornament...
I sure miss that ornament though-sigh-
It has been great to start making new blogger buddies. I cant wait to get on and meet new people, everyone is so amazing and sweet. Hooray!!!
Hope everyone is going to have a wonderful weekend. I am going--- CAMPING.
HELLO.. in October?! Yes, my husband somehow got me to go camping with his friends who are hunting. I am worried half to death I wont wake up in the morning because ill have frozen to death but its the price to pay to have a happy husband. That will be Ryan and I hanging out of our tent roasting mallows. We don't have a cat but our dog will be chillin with us to! I have plenty of homework to do esp. studding for my Psych test next week so it will be a nice little get-a-way. PS. I really like this pink tent I found online.

Last night was pumpkin carving with 2 of my sisters, their kiddos and my hubby. It was a lot of fun. I tried to make a skull and cross bone but I cut the inside of my mans face out. GRR. I wasn't very happy. so now its a circle and some bones coming out the side :) Ill post pics next week. It was great to sit around with the gals I love so much (+RYAN) and chat about their dating life. HEHE.. They are so funny!
My super sweet pal Tara did this really fun vintage photo thing on her blog- I might have let it get out of control on my blog so I hope I'm not fashion faux pas-ing it :)
I loved putting pics of Ryan and I on here:
Ryan and I heading out on the town in Korea
At my Mothers Wedding


Happy Days Everyone!


Gaspegirl said...

Really... my hubby is heading back hunting this afternoon too. I would love to go too but alas I will have to surrender and stay in our nice warm home with our children while he plays with guns in the woods... :P

make it a great day!

Tara Bennett said...

I love camping when it's cold outside.... more tent snuggling! I love your vintage pix and the new layout! And good luck on your psych test!

Mom said...

Just wondering how the camping trip went. And I hope you didn't freeze!


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