Thursday, October 2, 2008

just wanted to save a memory...

After my trauma day the other day and my super upsetting post I'm sure everyone is wondering if I'm doing okay- ha ha RIGHT! Since only my dear Mary Leigh reached out to me in love :(
Just an FYI I am doing wonderful now! Harley and I have made up and put the past behind us.
Guess What-- The best news-- Ryan is HOME! My sweet, wonderful, beautiful husband is home and he brought food with him. Which means he got a deer! Yes my hunter has kept his family fed for another year. For all the people who don't like hunting and think its wrong- I'm very sorry but its no more inhumane than eating any other meat!!! We eat the whole thing and we really don't eat any other meat and its so much healthier for you. I sent Ryan with his camera and the boy forgot batteries and didn't think to just buy new ones so NO PICTURES. He had a great time with his Dad, Brother Shaun and his buddies Pat and Jim. I'm sure the mini man vaca ended to quickly for him but I was so ready for him to get home-and just in time-
This week we have the KIDOS, all three, Kailum*Devlin*Teagan
Ryan has been the best this week. Never a complaint. Even after yesterday when I had work then school- he picked up the boys from school while my MOMI watched Teagan and I had school all night. I called between class to check on them and Ryan tells me he and Devlin are reading together while Kailum finished his homework. NOW for those who know Ryan- HELLO- This is amazing! He has always been an amazing person but for him to READ A BOOK to Devlin- Yes sob story Kendra started to cry. So when I got home around 8:30 PM he had a great dinner all ready, Devlin in the tub and a fairly clean house. He immediately took over Teagan while I finished bathing Dboy. Kailum and Devlin couldn't stop telling me this morning on our way to school how much fun they have with Ryan and how much they love him. I seriously am the luckiest girl in the world. To top it off. Ryan volunteered to do it all over again today so I can go to his cousins baby shower! Ryan came into my life knowing these boys were there. He knew they would always be around and he accepted them so wonderfully. Now- I never ask him to take care of them or to really do anything with them because I don't want him to feel any sort of obligation- but I never have to ask- he does it plus more on his own! AH I love him so much. It really takes a Man to step into this kind of role!


Tara Bennett said...

You are too funny!

I'm glad Ryan is home, got a deer (deer=happy husband), and also I love your new layout!

ML said...

Love your new blog design! It looks great! The chalk writing looks so cool. Very creative.


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