Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Fashion

Okay.. I'm not very good at getting my blog to be like Ms. Susie Homemakers blog. I am trying and as many know I almost change the background daily because I have yet to find one I really love. I ran through pictures by the dozen trying to find one for my heading... Yes the one I have now is a cute ornament my hubby made me last Christmas! What am I doing?

So I am now researching Blog Fashion- I don't want to have my page be a big fashion faux pas...

So many different types of fashion- what says KENDRA and RYAN?
Look at these earings? HELLO I would say you couldn't pay me to wear those things- yet when I googled "Fashion" these baby's popped up! So in my very NON fashion forward self I thought what would people see and know it screamed FASHION? I am definitely in the 'has been' style! I start to like certain things when they are last seasons sales. My dream growing up was to live in San Francisco or New York, now can you see fashionista Kendra strolling down the fashion streets with her knock off Louis Vuitton purse, blue jeans and volcom sweatshirt?
Over the last few months I have actually been very determined to start being for fashionable. Not just me but what comes along with me including my house, husband, dog and of course my BLOG. As I have been studing up on fashion I have found some "OH YEAHs" and some "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" responses- from well ME... I am a critic in my own mind... There are a few things/designers that I know and I figure If i know them- they must be great and anything they make is fashion forward! I am sure all the Lady's of the world know the famous red sole heel! Hello a dream shoe! These hundreds of dollar babys are something to shine about. I think if I had these I would wear a shirt that said- HELLO MY NAME IS KENDRA AND I'M WEARING CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES! Now I don't know if I'm fashionista enough to pull these bad boys off but no matter what Louboutin shoe I was wearing I would still wear that shirt.. Hey maybe ill throw in my ON flip flop and wear that shirt anyway! So in my attempt to become for fashion forward please bear with my sad blog site. It may have a tree ornament for the picture today but it could be a work of art tomorrow! Tune in for all the exciting changes to the Webster Fashion Challenge page blog changing... umm.. thing I guess
I was thinking aloud (like always) maybe if I have a kid that will make my blog cute because it will be full of adorable pictures of someone other than my husband, Harley or me... :)


Mom said...

Welcome to SITS!!

Meaghan said...

Awesome ornament :)

a fellow SITS gal

@TiffanyRom said...

I am in love with that shoe!

You roll called perfectly at SITS, you got it!

We are thrilled to have you join us!

Tara Bennett said...

Kendra that ornament cracks me up!!!

Hey I asked Oby to call Ryan, but who knows if he actually did it, or if Ryan will tell you, so I figured I'd just send you a message.

Thursday's are crazy for us because of Oby's football practice, then Chloe's horse therapy. We're always running around like a bunch of crazies. So we can't do dinner tonight, but we want to get together sometime for sure! I'm even thinking a trip to the cabin might be in order.... hmmmm.... I wonder if we could swing that. Life is just so busy!

Anyway, maybe we should just communicate with each other rather than our hubbies. Love 'em, but not the most reliable. My phone number is 209-0096. Call me sometime, and we'll plan something. I'd love it!!!

Gaspegirl said...

I think that your blog looks great! Make it a great day!


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