Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 2

September 16
7 days old
.meeting Grandma Diane and Jesse finally
.Dinner with family
.Lucy finally held Tracker
.Cousins couldn't get enough
.Waited impatiently for Dad to come home

September 17
8 days old
.Grandma Diane spent the day with us
.Did our best to clean the house
.Got newborn pictures taken
.Grandma Becky came to visit
.Belly button stump fell off

September 18
9 days old
.Circumcision bell fell off
.Started getting the gooey eyes
.Needed to take some gas drops for a rumbly tummy

September 19
10 days old
.Mom finally let Harley close
.Missed Dad sooo much
.Waited at the door for him to get home
.Dad had to hold me for the rest of the night
.Grandma Becky stopped by for a snuggle

September 20
11 days old
.Ran errands
.Visited with some friends
.Picked up our new stroller
.Makes the funniest faces especially when sleeping
.Hates having his arms wrapped or away from his face

September 21
12 days old
.Visited Dad at work
.Went to lunch with Aunt Robin and cousin Kevan
.Went on our first walk to test out the new stroller
.Took an extra long bath to settle an upset tummy
.Falls asleep in the water almost every time

September 22
13 days old
.Soccer game for cousin Anna
.Dad had to work
.Stayed up late to watch a movie


Jenni said...

He is just adorable. Looks like Harley is in love. So happy for you!

Trinity said...

I love that you do that, such a great idea! I sent you another email regarding baby leggings. My SIL found a great place to order them for a really great deal. It is amazing how quickly time passes. He is getting so big and alert.

Mari said...

That photo of Harley and Tracker RocKs!!!

Mari said...

The photo if Harley and Tracker RocKs!

Kristin Milius said...

Its amazing how much he looks like his Daddy. Oh and his big sister! I love that the Lord has a hand in redirecting babies to the right families. This boy was meant for you both. His is a miracle for your family. I cannot wait to watch him grow through your blog! Love from a blog reader!

Alerie said...

He's so handsome!! I love the pic of Tracker and Harley!!

Unknown said...

I think Harley is in love too ;-)

Ashley Quarles said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!!!

Kristin and Jay said...

I love that he looks like his daddy!!! It's so amazing how that happens. We adopted our daughter and she looks more like us than her birth parents. We r adopting new little one in about 2 1/2 weeks and seeing these cute pictures is making me even more excited! Congrats on your adorable little man!


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