Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bags are packed.

Want to hear something rather embarrassing yet kind of funny?
So the other day I was sitting on the floor trying to stretch my back out on a pillow, its been aching in pain... All the sudden I am soaking wet. I start to freak out thinking my water just broke. I mean it wasn't a little damp-- it was full on wet pants. I ran to the bathroom trying to figure out what to do. Then I think, wait is this pee?
I didn't know what to do. Who do I call? I didn't want to call Ryan because he would have been in the car on his way home in .2 seconds but if my water hadn't really broke I could imagine he would be a little irritated. So I decided to just change my clothes and see if I was still wet in a minute. Sure enough- I was dry the rest of the night. Yes friends- I pissed myself AGAIN! This time I honestly didn't even have the urge or sensation to pee. I had no idea it even came out. It was the weirdest thing. I have wet myself a few too many times but always notice I'm peeing myself. 
... I called Ryan after the fact and he had a good laugh.
This is one HUGE thing I am not going to miss when this baby comes. I am so tired of changing my clothes and needing to shower a few times a day because I cant control my bladder.
but having this 'scare' happen, made me realize if I was to go into labor right now- I am not prepared.
So I spent my evening getting all the -need to do- things complete.
. registering for the hospital
. making a labor check list
. ensuring all our upcoming bills are paid
. packing the hospital bag
. packing the diaper bag
. installing the car seat
... sure I would love my house to be completely spot free and have a million other misc items complete before baby gets here. but the reality is they don't NEED to be done. These other important things do need to be done. So I can go to bed at night not so worried if my water might break what I will do.
I packed my bags this time remembering what I wished I would have had with Makenzie as well as getting some ideas off other hospital bag check lists that are out there.
Somethings I didn't find necessary and I'm sure there are things on my list that are unnecessary to others but they are necessary for my needs/wants...

- Baby T's hospital bag -

my diapee wipee case with a few NB diapers and a pack of wipes .
I know the hospital has their supply of these but if you are like us, we don't go straight home after the hospital so we might need some of these. I love the chevron print.
I love the case because there was several times I didn't need to take Makenzies whole diaper bag to change her so this will be nice to just grab this little pack and get the job done.

Swaddle blankets. I like the hospital ones but they are not super soft and not very cute.
These Adan + Anais bamboo blankets are heaven. They are soooo soft. I cant wait to curl up with one myself. They are super lightweight and breathable so they will be perfect for a newborn when its still a little warm.

A couple pairs of socks and a little hat. 
Again the hospital has a hat for the babe but Ryan and I kind of like this one better. 
As for socks--- I remember wishing I would have brought some for Kenzie. I kept her bundled the majority of the time but her feet were still cold. Plus from the beginning she didn't like being swaddled, she wanted to be free so I couldn't wrap her up as tight as I would have liked to keep her warm. 

Coming home outfits.
I picked 2. I have no idea how big or little this baby will be so I wanted more than 1 option.
I have to say I didn't even think about what outfit Kenzie would come home in. I didn't even care. Which resulted her in coming home in not the cutest thing. 
Not like its a big deal- a car ride home- but its fun because its the first real outfit you will put on your little one. and for us, we have a few stops to make before we go home so I want him to be comfy and somewhat attractive.

There was a whole list of these little diaper items I found to pack 
but I don't find most of them necessary.
I decided to just take a few things that I don't think ill even use but they will be there just in case.
Binky Spritz (used to sanitize binkys that fall on the ground)
Binky... camo of course...
Who knows if this binky will be the one this little boy likes. I went through 3 different types with Makenzie before she decided the NUK ones (like below) were her favorites. That is until she was in the hospital and the only one that we could cut to fit around her breathing tube was that giant green hospital one. We will see what this boy prefers, if he wants one at all.

- Mom hospital bag -

Treats for Ryan. Sometimes the whole labor process can take a while. Lucky for me the last time it really wasn't that long but it was long enough I know Ryan would have liked a little treat so I snagged a couple of his favorites. I want to still grab him a magazine to keep him busy if we have some downtime but just haven't picked one up yet.

Phone charger
and my Makenzie necklace. I wanted something I can focus on when the pain gets really bad.

Comfy socks. I grabbed a couple pairs from Bath and Body works.
Both are infused with some great stuff to make your feet all soft and comfy. Both have the skid resistant pads on the bottom so I wont be falling all over when I'm walking around after delivery. 
Yes the colors are a bit much but unfortunately there wasn't any other options.

When giving birth Ill just use their gown but I wanted a couple of my own outfits for the days I'm still at the hospital after he comes. I bought a couple dresses when I had Makenzie to wear there and they were amazing. So I did the same. These are more night gowns that are for nursing Mums so they will be easier to maneuver. I also am bringing a robe. I didn't even think about that before and realize it would have been nice to have. I have a super light weight short one so It wont get in the way it will just be a nice cover up when I want it.

Coming home from the hospital outfit.
I never know what to wear because its really not a big deal to me. I just grabbed a pair of sweats and a comfy shirt. I didn't want something fancy and I wanted it somewhat loose since my body will not be in fabulous shape and I don't want to show off those curves.

Belly Band bamboo wrap. I loved this thing when I had Makenzie.
Its suppose to shrink your tummy faster after you have your baby but I am not convinced it did that. but what it did do-- held my tummy in. After deliver my belly just felt gross and uncomfortable. It was a few days/weeks before I felt like my skin was back to normal and I just needed to loss weight. So wearing this was nice. It just held everything tight. It was comfy and I liked the support it also gave to my back. You are suppose to wear this the day you leave the hospital just about 24hrs a day for at least 6 weeks. When I had Makenzie I didn't fit into it for about a week after she was born and I only wore it 50% of the day/night. I am bringing it with me this time in case it will fit, I would like to wear it starting as soon as possible.

.body spray
.chap stick for ryan
.lip gloss for kendra
.hair ties, bobby pins, headbands

These are all things essential for me. They will keep me happy and comfortable. I was glad when I could freshen up/shower/get ready after I had Makenzie. It made me feel a million times better.
-not pictured, flip flops for showering-

- Camera Bag -
Nothing extra special in here other than the camera, my charger and the SD card.
(still need to learn how to use this a little better)

- Pump Bag -
I wish I would have had this in the hospital with Makenzie. I didn't even think to bring it. In those first hours you are trying to feed your baby, trying to get the milk in and all of it seems like an impossible task. I was lucky that Makenzie was pretty amazing at nursing and latched on pretty good but my milk didn't come in until a few days after I got home from the hospital so while we were in the hospital we had to supplement with formula. I just think being able to pump can help get that milk flowing when baby is still learning how exactly to suck.
I am taking some of your advice on what to put in this bag.
The lansinoh and the medela tender care hydrogel pads.
The little breastfeeding book and the pads were used with Makenzie.
I have the Medela pump and it worked AMAZING with Makenzie so I hope I love it just as much this time around. It honestly was great at helping me build my storage supply. You hear how pumps can be painful and this was not at all. There was a few days I pumped instead of nursing because my nipples were hurting so bad. This felt better than actually nursing.

- Car seat is ready -

- Bags are packed and waiting -

- Last minute list of things to grab as we are rushing out the door -

and we are ready...
material wise, for this baby boy to come.
I am scared out of my mind for him to physically be here but I am sooo ready at the same time.
If he doesn't get here on his own before the 9th.
Ill be induced.
8 days.
8 days until I meet my son.

... sorry about the POOR quality of these pictures. It was late and the lighting was horrible. and my eyes are really messed up lately and I didn't realize how blurry everything was until it was huge on my computer ...


Trinity said...

I had that same car seat. We loved it, but it was time to see it go since we are done having little ones. Two boys is enough for this mama. :) Anyway, one thing I would add to your list for your boy is some vasoline. If you choose to circumsize it will come in handy. Their little parts are quite raw and sensitive for the first few weeks. Vasoline helps so that his parts will not stick to the diaper which can be painful. Can't wait til you meet your little one!

Jennifer and Mark Kiel said...

I found your blog through Another Day Stronger and have been keeping up with your story. First of all, congratulations and good luck! You look just about ready and so organized. I had 3 kids under age 3 (they are ages 6,4&3 now)and I agree with all that is packed. So fun! I do want to ask you where you got your camera bag. I LOVE it!! I would like to know where to get one. Thanks and I'll be praying for you and your family.

Courtney said...

Looks like you are very prepared! Just wanted to ease your mind about breastfeeding - your milk won't come in until about day 3. Before that it's colostrum (spelling?). So don't stress about your milk not coming in the minute you give birth :)

Amy said...

Love the little brother onesie and your necklace. Beautiful!

Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker said...

Hey Jennifer, I got that bag at
I love it but its a little boxy so if I was to get another one, I might get the other style they have. I dunno though. Its super cute all the same.

Trinity--- what amazing advice. Thank you so much. I would have had NO idea. Ill bet getting some of that tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

I have pumped a few times already in the last week, instead of nursing...just because it felt better! I so know how you felt!
I am so excited for T to be here already and see some photos!!!
And if you have him before the 9th....say on the 7th--that is my birthday! :-) Good luck Kendra!

Melissa Baker Photography said...

I am so excited to meet this little boy, so excited for you and Ryan, knowing how close it is, feels like last week when you found out you were pregnant, I want to wish you good luck,everything is going to be ok i'm sure,maybe some baby gloves in the bag too? you did a great job packing, take many many pictures, i'm sure you will ! XOXO ps: keep us post on istagram too :)

The Mac's House said...

Wow! To say you are "ready" is an understatement.

Oh had a good giggle at the "peeing incident". I can't say that it happened to me but that is just a precious memory you will carry with you I'm sure and laugh about later.

I'm super excited for the two of you. Looking forward to seeing the post of his arrival.

Now I need to go back and reread all the posts that I've been missing lately. :(

Hugs! XO

Mari said...

How did you get here, ready to deliver?! So long but at zip line speed at the same time. How is that possible?. You are sooooo ready!! You, Ryan, dear little baby boy and sweet Mackenzie are all in our daily prayers. Good luck with your delivery and we can't WaiT for the happy photos!!


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