Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 1

I hope I can keep up on this because I figured it would be a lot of fun. I take about a billion pictures of this cute face every single day so I thought I would do a picture weekly roundup of this little man. Then at his first birthday I can put together a book of 365 days of Tracker. I am already a week behind so I better get my butt in gear and stay on top of this.

September 9
0 days old
.the start of our new life
.the most beautiful soul
.so much love
.meeting lots of new people
.first bath

September 10
1 day old
.lots of visitors
.learning how to eat
.the best snuggle bug ever

September 11
2 days old
.leaving the hospital
.first car ride
.visiting sister
.meeting harley
.second bath
.first night at home
.slept pretty good

September 12
3 days old
.sleeping in
.daddy headed back to work
.didnt sleep much at all

September 13
4 days old
.late start
.first outing
.just mom and tracker
.doctors appointment
.testing his jaundice
.mom cried to his pediatrician the entire visit
.first nursing experience outside of the house, in a car- in the parking lot.

September 14
5 days old
.sleepy smiles
.tons of diaper changes
.dad left for the cabin
.mom cried all day
.stayed up late
.didnt sleep so good

September 15
6 days old
.up early
.took harley to the vet
.first birthday party for cousin easton
.5 outfit changes
.peeing on everything
.talking to dad on the phone
.another blood draw at the hospital for jaundice
.first soccer game for cousin ellie
.sitting in the sun
.slept better

Love this life.


Unknown said...

Kendra, He is such a doll! I am so thrilled to see how happy you are at this time in your life. I pray it continues for you all.

rashelle said...

He is really cute. thanks for sharing them.

The Pachuilo Family said...

Love all these pics!

Trinity said...

I love all your pictures. Can I just say what an inspiration you are to other mothers. You seem to relish in every moment of being a mother. Even the not so easy moments, sleepless nights etc. However, you love it! I truly admire that about you and love that it tends to rub off on me. I take a little more time with my boys and try to not take for granted all that I am able to do for them. Kenzie and Tracker are so lucky to have you as a mom.

Andrea said...

Love, Love, Love!!
I could just eat his cute little nose up!!
Your first nursing in the car experience takes me back to mine....good :)
What a great idea for Tracker. I especially love the picture of him M's stone-and his Little Brother onesie! Keep on with the pictures!! :)

Auntie EM said...

That boy....what a sweetheart. I love that you "love this life." He certainly is precious.

Alerie said...

This is amazing!! I love that you are doing this. He is so adorable and that picture of him visiting Makenzie is AMAZING!! It brought tears to my eyes and I love his "little brother" onesie. You are one amazing mama!! Your always in my thoughts and prayers. Much love!!


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