Monday, February 13, 2012

Leggings Pattern

I am so sorry to everyone that has emailed me about the leggings pattern that I have not responded to. I am overwhelmed with the support you are all showing. I will respond to you as soon as I get a chance but I wanted to get this pattern posted so you all have it. Now if you have a different pattern that you like better, great! They can be different. I have a couple different ones I want to try out that look super super cute.  Okay so here it is...

Baby Legs

Step 1. Find a fun pair of knee high socks. I buy all mine from Target.

Step 2. Cut off the heels and toes like so.

Step 3. Discard the heel & toes.
Step 4. Using the lower foot piece turn them inside each other wrong sides together. This will be the bottom cuffs.

Step 5. Now just place the leg pieces into each cuff like so.

Step 6. Then sew around using zig zag stitch. Make sure you sew all 3 layers. That is where I make all my errors.

Step 7. Turn them out the right way and you have a new pair of leggings or armlings.

Are these not the easiest, cutest things ever?!  They are so perfect for all those little kiddos at the hospital and we would love to collect as many as possible. It can be a little tricky the first few times you make them --- okay lets face it I have made hundreds and still have a little trouble at time --- but once you get the hang of it, they are so much fun.
Like I said there are tons of other patterns online. If these don't make sense or you want to make a different pattern that is NO problem. If you don't want to sew them that's fine as well. Send them to me and ill get them done!
We have hundreds thousands more to collect so if you can help in anyway we will be forever grateful.
Remember all leggings are being donated to the children's hospital in honor of Makenzie. 
For the address to send them to please email me and I will respond ASAP.

PS- I still have TONS of cookbooks. If you know anyone that would like one please give them the information. We have so many more to sell and I would love to share so many fun, yummy recipes with you all. They are from all over the world!


Kim Sheely said...

Thanks Kendra!

rucktaeschel said...

I would love a cookbook - please email me the information Thanks


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