Wednesday, February 29, 2012


These cookbooks were started in August 2011. Ryan and I knew we were going to need some help with how our family grew and at the time we just were not sure how we would go about doing it. Adoption was the first thing that came to mind. We started in on the process, started classes and about a month into it we felt like that just wasn't the right thing for us to do right at that time. During that process however we had already started the... Live, Laugh, Cook... cookbooks. We asked everyone that could to please submit a recipe. We got over 600 recipes submitted from all over the world. Most came from all areas in the US but it is just amazing to see all the amazing dishes and different ways to make them. All the amazing people that submitted a recipe are mostly people we have never even met. They are our friends through this blog.
 After we decided adoption wasn't the right path right now we started looking into a sperm donor. I was more apprehensive than Ryan which was a total shock not only for me but for a lot of people. It didn't take to long before we both just knew this was the right path for us and we should continue down it.
After a lot of research and going through hundreds of donors we finally found the perfect one.
We started the IUI process and the first 2 rounds didn't work.
But lucky #3 did.
We were implanted December 27th 2011
Found out we were pregnant January 8th 2012
Baby is due September 20th 2012
Through this whole process we have still been diligently selling these cookbooks. I have to tell you these medical costs are not cheap but they sure are worth it. These cookbooks are just a way to help. The amount of support has been overwhelming and we are forever grateful to all who have purchased one and for all who might in the future. Not only does the sales of these cookbooks help us- they are pretty amazing and you will love them so much.

600+ recipes.
Tons of different cooking tips.
We are always trying new recipes in our house and I'm telling you they are all so yummy!

If you are interested in ordering a cookbook you can place your order to the right side of my blog. There is a link that takes you to Pay pal. They are $20 each which includes shipping but if you buy more you can save. We have tracking numbers on all the orders so if you don't have your order within 3 weeks make sure you email me so I can either track it down for you or send you a new one.
Thank you all so so much again for all the endless support!
Have a wonderful day!


Sam said...

Im am just a person you dont know. I have been following your blog for a while. I have said before I appreciate you letting me (and many others) into your lives. I dont know you, but I can see the love you have for your children (not child but children). I want to say that I am so very excited to be receiving my cookbook. I ordered mine last week. I will be posting this on my blog to help you guys out. Good luck in your future.

Kristalynn said...

I ordered mine yesterday and I don't even isn't much but I hope it helps:)

Lengland said...

I shared your blog with my facebook page. Hopefully it help sell some of these cookbooks. I love reading your blog! You are so amazing!


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