Saturday, January 1, 2011


where did 2010 go?
seriously i cant believe how fast this year has gone by.
it seems like its been an eternity in one aspect and gone in a flash in another.
i don't know why its kind of refreshing to me to take down one calendar and put up a whole new one, one with nothing written all over every single date taking up your whole life with random "things"   :)
 maybe because it makes it the end of something and the start of something new. sometimes that is what gives you an extra boost. to think you can have a clean slate. a fresh start. 
hmm. so ill take advantage of this feeling.
making new goals.
thinking of what i want to accomplish.
hoping to keep it a simple year. but. hoping to have more happiness.

we sent kenzie wish lanterns at midnight and screamed happy new year
but still needed to do some decorating
we dug out all the christmas bling

polished it up

did a little more celebrating


well hello, that looks nice!!

then sent the usual
falling in with the theme of course

screaming... at the top of our lungs...
happppyyy neewwww yeearrrr MAKENZIE

i bet she had tons of fireworks, balloons, streamers, poppers and hats in heaven!
now that would have been a party.

i hope 2011 brings you more
love, happiness, faith, peace, gratitude and wishes!
merry new year.


Alissa said...

What a beautiful New Year's celebration for you, Ryan and Makenzie. Wishing you a very merry New Year too. ((hugs))

brigette said...

Her grave looks beautiful as always!! Sounds like you guys had a good night!! Happy New Year Kendra!

Lesley said...

Thanks for letting me "drop by" your blog. I've dropped by several times in the last year. I'm wondering what it is that your husband is using to polish up the headstone? It looks very nice. I need to do some polishing myself.

Kristen's mom said...

Every day I am at that same cemetery. I notice what is new that day or which graves have been visited. On our Christmas Eve visit I was so amazed at that place. It was probably 9pm as we pulled up to light our candles. It was the strangest feeling, even though it was dark that place was completely lit up, and there were people every where. Graves that hadn't had visitors in months were covered in wreaths and trees and most of them had lights on them. It really is a beautiful peaceful place. The geese are almost always there, even in the winter. One night there was a deer standing looking at me and another time we saw a fox. Pathetic aren't I. At least I have cut my visits to once a day instead of twice. I know exactly where your sweet girl's body is burried. Kristen is straight down from her about half way to the bottom. I saw the tree that was decorated for your daughter at the Festival of Trees, I was so happy to see that you received it. Kristen had 3 trees decorated in her name. It is an amazing event. I am wondering if the day will ever come when I will truly enjoy life again rather than just enduring it. I wish peace for you in this new year.
Like I said I am at the cemetery every day, if you ever need me to check on anything, let me know.


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