Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 2 of spring semester!

first day down...
12-ish weeks to go.
can i say i hate math and i hatttte physics.
cant i just take a pottery class and get my degree?
today is music culture. oh joy.

this has been my night time reading

did you know you can get a scholarship if you are interested in the study of beetles!
OR for those of you who will contribute to the knowledge of bats!

I have read through EVERY last one. AND I came out with a very select few that I qualify for! Seriously... Why cant I love bats?!
Eh Well. I guess Ill join in with the rest of the world and accumulate a million dollars in student loans :)
Sorry Ryan... that horse ranch will have to wait until our retirement.

I got a lot of nice comments on the new blog header... Pretty awesome right!
Well its a mystery to me as to whom is from.
So whoever you are.
I love it. Its so perfect and crafty and something I would totally make for myself if I was at all savoy in that area.

This month is going by pretty quick already.
In 10 short days we will be living it up in VEGAS! Woo Woo.
My lil brother decided to be all crazy and rebellious and run away to get married in sin city.
agh... who raised him?
I am very excited to get out of this ice storm for a few days. Even if the weather doesn't get above 60 degrees, ill be okay as long as it doesn't go below 40!
I think I am ready to get a toe amputated because its so perma frozen.

hope you are all having a good 1/11/11 day. wouldnt that be cool if that was the day you were born?
oh you lucky babies!


Emma said...

You don't find beetles and bats facinating? I am shocked, what on Earth could be more interesting?! :-) Sorry you couldn't find any great scholarships to apply for, but I know even though it will be a lot the loans will be so worth it when you see the help you are giving all the amazing kids lucky enough to work with you!! Hope the week of school and work dont wear you out, try to enjoy as much as you can and SO jealous of your Vegas trip...I have been trying to get someone to go with for months but timing never works...have some extra fun for me! Hugs, Em

Ashley Sullenger said...

Good luck with the semester!! I love the new header up above!! It's perfect!

brigette said...

Your so good for going to school full time and working full time what a full plate you have!! I to love the new header what a perfect gift from someone!! It is truely amazing!! I hope you enjoy your vegas trip that will be such a nice break!!

Kristen said...

Love the new header! It's really perfect!! : ) Have a great time in Vegas and good luck with that scholarship. Too bad bats didn't need occupational therapy. You could get the scholarship and then move onto humans! : )

Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

I love the new heading of your blog; super cute!

I never did love school very much. I graduated with an Associated Degree and that was as far as I wanted to go. I don't envy you for going back to school. I do hope that you endure it and do really well at it.

Take care.

val said...

hey, i am with you on the school thing. I just started grad school last week and am still teaching. Wow! It's about the only word I can come up with when dealing with everything. Goodluck!

Jackie Koll said...

Just wondering if something changed with your blog? I've followed it for quite awhile but all of a sudden this is the last post I can see - if I click on the updates on my sidebar of my blog, it says it doesn't exsist :-(


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