Sunday, January 30, 2011


is it seriously the last weekend of january?? can it just be the last weekend of april so school can be over this week and it will be finals instead of exam #1 :( waaaa....  seriously... im feeling very sorry for myself.
mainly because just about my whole weekend was spent sitting at my dinning room table, butt falling asleep, eyes heavy and trying with all my might to retain a little bit of physics and math. 2 exams tomorrow. hmm.. not sure how it will go- but my head is ready to explode and when i try to think about any of it, i cant remember a thing. soo... waaaa..

for the few rare moments i wasn't buried in the books i tried to do something productive with myself.
friday--- studied all day... until the last minute when we jumped in the car and went to the dollar movie.
umm first-- the dollar movie is no longer a dollar. wtf. when did this happen? it was $2 per person! then you go inside and the refreshments are probably 3x the amount of a regular $8.50 movie theatre. grrr. so we saved NO money. and... my neck is still killing me from sitting 2 rows from the screen... and the seats were straight up and down, hard as a rock and kinda smelly. i couldn't get comfy. i was laying on one side then leaning on the other, i sat forward then tried to slouch down enough for my head to be straight. it was ridiculous. then i kicked that $500 bucket of popcorn over. i almost picked it up off the ground because i hate wasting treats and refused to have that theatre suck another dollar out of me that i didn't take full advantage of. but. when i had to put some serious power into pealing it off the sticky floor i changed my mind and slumped back over and pouted! we watched the social network. pretty good show- really wish i was as smart as that guy- at least until im done with physics.
--that was friday--

i was awoken saturday morning to a slobbery cold dog who just wanted to get under the covers and snuggle. ryan was up cooking something that smelled yummy.  i was hoping a lasagna but it was french toast. NOW down get me wrong. i was so very thankful and ate every last bite. but. im not a breakfast food fan. i know i know. im weird. but i would eat a giant steak for breakfast if i could. i usually stick with a glass of milk. some coffee. and that's it. but with enough syrup the frenches were good.
and lucky for me... it was time to once again hit the books! weeee....
do you know how to measure mass?
i do :)
well i did... i told you... i cant remember now :(
so saturday. books. then my sister... that girl! geesh. decided to text me and ask me to get a PEDICURE. the nerve! i mean, who really wants to stop reading about force and acceleration and momentum and get your toes rubbed and painted?
ryan encouraged.
i gave in.
we went.
i feel like such a boy because i haven't had my toes painted since long before christmas! ahh... so they are nice and pretty now... well i think they are. i haven't let them come out of my fuzzy socks because my house is freezing!
so after the pedi. came home. did a little valentine craft. then made myself get back into the books. got all my homework done and was just trying to finish reading each chapter for the hundredth time.
had to stop abruptly because time totally got away from me and we had a very special birthday to be to.

this uber cutie pie turned the big WHOLE HAND! 
love our emma bunton

she obviously loves
-justin beiber-
she is such a doll and we love being with her and her family any chance we can. she has grown so much and i cant believe she is 5. i can only how her mother is falling apart at the seems. she has a 5 year old. 

so after that fun parta we thought we would go get a drink. just ryan and i.
but last minute we realized we were much to tired and decided to go grocery shopping instead.
yeah we were one of those weirdos that went grocery shopping at 1130 at night.
came home, i fought like a little baby to go to sleep. i didn't want to go to sleep because that meant i had to get up and do more homework. so i was drug to bed kicking and screaming. i even refused to brush my teeth. because i was so upset with the world i didn't set the alarm! 
so that was saturday

like i said. i forgot to set the alarm the night before and lucky for us- we had to be somewhere at 9 am.
and that place was an hour and a half from home. and. we had no gas.
quick shower. decided to brush my teeth. flat iron to hair. no breakfast. gas station. picked up a donut. yum.
got there just in time. 
it was a missionary farewell. a cute boy ryan knew growing up. i was lucky enough to spend the whole hourish making cakes on my phone with addison. (thank you free app)
left the luncheon and headed to my grandmas. 
got to visit with her and my aunties. talk about life. get advice. and cuddle on her bed!
after gmas we went to take kenzie her vegas toy. 
we haven't had a chance to take it to her before now so i was happy. 

loved this. got it at the lions den.
stayed for a bit. sent lots of kisses.

headed to family dinner
now we are home
did more homework. then decided to blog a bit. now im shutting down.
back to physics.

hope you had a good weekend.


Emma said...

That was a jam-packed weekend! I am glad you were able to have some fun between studying-you need, and deserve, those little breaks...I think they help you retain the info better (at least we will go with that anyway!).
Good luck on your exams tomorrow, I am sure the answers will come back to you when you need 'em. Hugs and sending you lots of 'good exam' vibes, Em

Alana said...

How dare I drag you out to get a pedi? Don't worry, you know I will do it again! At least you got a good laugh when I was attacked by the tickle monster :) (how embarrassing). Good luck on your tests today! Love ya girl!
p.s. I thought I was the only weird one who doesn't like breakfast foods...we must be sisters! :)


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