Saturday, January 1, 2011

new years eve

new years eve has never been very big in our house. 
for some reason we have never really done anything more than....
chill at home with either each other or a few friends.
*we are pretty wild right*
well this year was no different.
ryan and i started out the night with fondue-in some chicken
in our awesome new fondue pot that we got for christmas
and making chocolate covered oreos - YUM -

then our peeps came over. 
we ate our poodle pee pees (thats what ryan calls them)
ate lots o' candy
played some card games

then headed into the other room to make some nice sounds with
 sing it - disney addition
derek went crazy with high school musical and hannah montana

so did allie

i guess i did too

and harley a little...

11:59pm december 31 2010

12:00am 1-1-11
happy new year!!!

ended the night with
beer/wine cooler pong
simon says
other random made up games
trying to keep each other awake
it was fun
low key
...just like i hope this next year will be...


Liesl said...

cute! looks like you guys had lots of fun! happy new year : )

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Fondue sounds yummy!! Looks like you guys had a blast love the pics! Stephan and me usually have low key New Year Eve nights to, so its ok lol. :)


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