Wednesday, November 24, 2010

our last minute thanksgiving

bags packed------ check
car cleaned out and gassed up------- check
dog sitters assigned------- check
bday/Thanksgiving/Christmas presents wrapped and loaded in the car------ check
bag of our most favorite yet fatty snacks------ check

on our way to washington state!
for thanksgiving!
spending it with my brother and his family!!!

that was the plan.
until the storm of the century (at least they thought) came roaring through the west.
we have been planning, waiting and preparing for this getaway.
we watched the weather and prayed it would ease up.
we had high hopes when this "blizzard" the news has been talking about only left us with a few inches of snow.
we left for our last day of work this morning before our afternoon departure,
so ready to get out of town.

my normal 25-30 min drive to work took me almost 2 hours.
it wasn't snowing
but it was pure ice
luckily i didn't slide all over the road but plenty of other cars around me did.

after i thanked God and Kenzie for saving my life on the way in
ryan called
told me he just doesn't have a good feeling.
we checked the road conditions AGAIN
didn't look to good either
utah wasn't our concern, it was idaho up to washington that we feared.

after i cried-
yelled in the phone to ryan about how i just wanted to get away, forget life, forget this time of year, forget what we were doing last thanksgiving, forget everything and just enjoy some much needed time with my brother-
i collected myself-
whipped my tears-
talked to my brother who i know is disappointed but completely understands-
i said a little prayer.
i thanked God for today. i told him i would try to have a better attitude if he promised to give me extra squeezes. i asked my baby to stay close because i need to feel her.
then i finished my work day before a nice long holiday weekend.

im sad, disappointed, missing my family... but im going to look at things a little different. now ryan and i can spend the day with the rest of our family. we get to take all our thanksgiving decor to kenzie on thanksgiving. we will do a little christmas shopping (not at 4am this year) and just be with each other.

today im so thankful for my family.
distant relative
"friend" family

im also thankful for:
clean socks
my new computer since the other blew up :(
wrapping paper
a warm house
scentsy warmer with fall-ish scents
a dishwasher
fluffy towels


Emma said...

I am sorry your plans changed but I am so glad you are seeing the positive and hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends around you! I am also very thankful for Kenzie and God being with you while you were driving, the storms down there have looked pretty bad when we have seen them on tv. Good luck, drive safe and stay warm!! Hugs Em

The Mac's House said...

Total bummer about your plans, I'm really sorry to hear that you had to cancel them.

I'm thankful that you have more family to spend the holiday with.

I'm thankful that you are safe, that both God and Kenzie were looking over you on your way to work.

I would say "come on over" if you were anywhere near the great state of Virginia. There is always room for more here.

:) Teri

Anonymous said...

your family is thankful for you too. <3 Aubrey

Tara Bennett said...

Sorry your plans changed. I can't imagine how hard this time of year is for you and for Ryan. I pray that all the things that could help you will come and you will find peace in those dark moments. We are always thinking of you and praying for you. Chloe and I pray about Makenzie sometimes and whenever I say Kenzie's name, Chloe smiles and giggles. Kenzie's spirit is not too far. I hope you can feel it sometimes and she will bring you peace. xo

Laurel said...

I am not sure how I found your blog but I have followed your posts for a few months now. I have been very touched by your life story. Your daughter is beautiful and I have the utmost respect for your courage. I have made some 'BabyLegs' that I would love to send to you so you can donate them to PMC. Would you email me and let me know where to send them?

With love and care,

Laurel Albrecht

The Johnson Crew said...

I have had you on my mind a lot lately. You are in my prayers more than ever this time of year. We met over the phone last year about this time. I can't believe it has been a year. I pray that you make it through this season. I am glad to hear how thankful you are the last two posts. You are great. I too am sorry about your plans. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving anyway.
Lots of love

brigette said...

Happy thanksgiving kendra. I hope your day is good even though your plans didnt work out. I'm thankful for you but am sorry we had to meet the way we did. Lots of love your way.


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