Sunday, November 7, 2010


November is the month of Giving Thanks.
It hasn't started out the very best in my eyes. Thinking about the events that took place last year have not necessarily made me want to think of being thankful so far.  I know that sounds selfish. There is always so many things good in life so I should be sitting here with hundreds of things to list that I can be grateful for. But the only thing that comes to mind when I sit is her. Holding her last year. Sitting in the hospital room- just after her surgery. Thinking this was it. This is what would make things better.  She would be okay. We would go home soon and she would be getting better.  That was her first surgery. That was yesterday last year. Today we were home, with a sick little girl. We only had 10 more days home with her. 10.
Only 10 more days with her in our room, next to our bed. 10 more bath times, 10 more morning routines, 10 more nighttime routines. 10 more days home with our extremely sick, amazingly little girl. How was it ending so soon. With no warning.

With all of that. With the future the way it happened. I am still understanding the blessings. So today I am so grateful for 10 more amazing days home with her. Soaking her up. Kissing her every minute. Squeezing her all day. Holding her all night. I'm thankful for 10 more bath times. I'm thankful that even though she was so sick. I was able to be there to make her feel better.
I'm so thankful He gave me a little more time with her. I'm so thankful She held on.

Makenzie Laryngomalacia surgery was on Friday November 6
We were suppose to come home Saturday morning but Kenzie couldn't get off the oxygen.
We were discharged and sent home 11:00 am Sunday November 8.
It was raining that day. We were starving so we grabbed Betos and headed home.
We spent the day just laying around. Holding her.


Emma said...

I am thankful that I have had the privilege of getting to know you and your family. That Kenzie is in my heart even without meeting her because of her incredible spirit and her amazing Mom!! I wish with all my heart we had met under different circumstances but am so thankful I am getting to know the incredible woman, wife, and mom you are!! You continue to be such an inspiration, Love and hugs, Em

debbie said...

It is incredible that you have the perspective to be thankful for those 10 days. Really incredible. I know there are millions of bad moments. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad. Love you so much!

Cox Family said...

You are such an inspiration to me Kendra! You are finding things to be thankful for during such a difficult time which reminds me to stop and be thankful for all the blessings in my life. Praying for you as always!


The Johnson Crew said...

I am thankful on your part that you took so many beautiful pictures of your angel!!

brigette said...

What a beautiful post! Im thankful for you and sweet kenzie and our friendship!! I posted pics from our lunch date on my blog. Ill email them to!! Love you kendra!!


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