Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

For the 4th of July we took up the invite from my sister and brother and headed up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.  We took off Friday night for one fun weekend.
We swam in hot pools, floated down the lake, went over waterfalls, fell on rocks, cut up our legs pretty good, ate lots of junk food, ate lots of yummy dinners, ate lots of cobbler, drove around on the golf cart, went to the shopping mart about 100 times, drank a million gallons of root beer, dr pepper and diet coke, played in the dirt, got muddy, walked around town, got square ice cream, painted pictures, played, played, played and swam some more.
We had so much fun.
Nothing could have topped this weekend.
My shoulders are burnt
My legs are bruised and cut up
and my husband is really sick- prob. from to much sun
but we would do it all again in a second.
I cant wait to go back- this year.

harley is a water dog- she will swim for hours and hours and never get out.
we were anxious to see how milo would do.
he loved it.
he had a great time.
and it was a great work out.
i made sure to hold onto them so they didnt float down the river.

and for your viewing pleasures... here is our milo... after swimming for about 5 minutes! haha.. he is so lazy.

last but not least...
Thank You Thank You to all our service women and men. You are the reason we have this holiday.
Thank you for our freedom!


Andrea said...

I am glad that you went! I love it up there I have family up there so we go when we have the chance. Your dogs are so cute swimming! Love the pictures! HUGS!

Tara Bennett said...

Isn't Lava fab? I went there for the first time just a few months ago and LOVEd it!

I love MRW in glow stick. It is so posh, just like her!

Alerie said...

Looks like you had a fun filled adventurous weekend. I hope Ryan is feeling better and your legs are getting better. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your MRW in the glow sticks. Tara's comment reminded me of these books. Have you ever heard of the Fancy Nancy books? There are 3 main ones - Fancy Nancy (Pink), Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy (Purple) and Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly (Yellow). I know you still like to read to Makenzie and I think you would love these books. They are really cute. Well, I am glad you had a good weekend. Much love!!

Emma said...

What an incredibly fun weekend! Thanks for sharing the video of you and Milo, he was sure having fun, and exhausted too!
I too loved MRW in glow sticks, what a fantastic idea!
Hugs, Em
PS.Fancy Nancy books are great, my girls LOVE them!


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