Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Makenzie RYE

Dear Makenzie Rye,
Happy 1st Birthday sweetie.
I cant believe you are 1. Where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was huge, puffy and so ready to meet you?  I planned your room for months, I prepared and prepared for anything and everything. I stocked our whole house with diapers and whips, I washed all your clothes and blankets. I expected you to be small but not as small as you were!  Oh I was surprised!  Here is one of those gross, puffy pictures of me while I was toting you around.  No one wanted me to ride on the 4 wheeler with you but I didn't listen. I wanted to take you on a wild ride. And I did. For a bit. I didn't go as fast or jump over as many cliffs :)
I wanted to show you adventure, thrill and excitement.

Then you came.
Perfect. Beautiful. Quiet.
Completely stealing my heart.
You had perfect pouty lips. Bright eyes. A sweet little button nose.
You were a little gooey but so very amazing.
I held you.
After we got settled into our room I tried to get some sleep. I was so exhausted but wouldn't put you down so I tried to hold you and sleep. That didn't work. I remember trying to lay on my side, squeezing you close because I just wanted to feel you. I couldn't really sleep because I was to scared I would roll over on you or drop you. You never cried. You were already happy with me. I think you knew I was that crazy lady who for months before would sing inappropriate songs to you daily
-- Come on -- I knew you would like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry!
I remember looking at your toes and thinking ahh--- those were the sweet little toes that would wiggle around in my rips causing me to scream in pain!
They were so cute. I totally forgot about the not so great part of pregnancy and delivery and just fell head over heals in love with you.

And life happened.
It felt like years. It felt like a whole lifetime with you.
Time before flew by, and time since has flow by.
Its like time stood still with you.
I cant believe I only had you for 4.5 months.
The best time of my life.
I showed you all I could show you. I kissed you a bazillion times. I told you I loved you every second. I nuzzled you just about every minute. I stroked your face, I laid next to you, we touched nosed regularly.
We were made for each other.
You- Me and your Daddy.
We were the perfect trio!
You made us perfect. You gave us a whole new life.

Now its your birthday.
You are 1
I am missing you
Your Daddy is missing you.
We wish we could hold you.
Kiss you.
Love on you all day.

our perfect day:
being woken up to a happy yet hungry 1 year old.
standing at the side of her crib.
its to early but we both jump out of bed because its your day.
we make our way downstairs to balloons and streamers.
you smile
you laugh
we give you a birthday breakfast and let you try tons of new foods.
during the day we let you run our house
(probably like every other day)
you crawl all over and are so close to walking.
we get you new baby dolls, strollers and tons of new toys.
we dress you in your fancy fairy dress and head to the pool for your pool party.
its fairy themed.
we have yummy food.
you dive into your cake.
you ruin your fairy dress but i don't care.
you swim.
you never want to get out.
you scream after hours of water fun.
you would be surrounded by cousins, uncles, aunts and friends.
our day would have ended with a warm bath.
story's from new books you got.
being dressed in your new pjs.
and snuggling your new toy.
we would have kissed you a million times.
we would have thanked God for your life.
We would have gone to bed beaming because we have you.

In reality.
The day was similar.
But you were not physically there.
We didn't get to wake up to your screams.
but we did get to have a house full of your cousins screaming.
we ate a yummy birthday breakfast.
we played.
we thought about you.
i laid on your floor and hugged the outfit you came home from the hospital in.
i remembered the year before.
i talked to you.
we went to visit you. and. we brought your cousins that you never got to meet in person.
they missed not knowing you.
we had your fairy pool party and we combined it with your dads.
he blew out your candle.
we sang to you.
gma D, uncle J, uncle B, aunt AL and I had a cake fight so we made your mess.
I snuggled your blanket
I thanked God for your life.
I went to sleep smiling because I had you.

I love you Makenize Rye.
You are mine forever.
Your Daddy and I couldn't have asked more from you.
You gave us so much.
The world.
A new life.
A new love.
We miss you. More than you could imagine.
But Thank You.- Thank You for choosing us.
We are honored to be your Daddy and Mommy.

Happy  Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Makenzie Rye.


Chanse and Janell said...

Hi Kendra!
I hope Makenzie's big day was wonderful! Happy Birthday to her!

All my love to you guys! : )


Alerie said...

This was beautiful!! You and Ryan are amazing parents and Makenzie is one AMAZING little girl!! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!! Happy 1st Birthday Makenzie!! Much love!!

p.s. - i love that picture of the balloons with the sun beam at the top. it is beautiful!!

Candace said...

Happy birthday Makenzie!!!
Kendra, I love the picture of you pregnant, so so cute! Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Happy BD Kenzie. I love you so much and will never forget you. Be happy little girl. Laugh, sing, skip, jump, twirl, smile, and dance. Don't ever forget you have the most devoted parents in the world who will love you forever. We will see you again someday and then.....unspeakable JOY!! Until then, I love you and your mom and dad. Forever, Your Auntie M

brigette said...

Happy birthday sweet Kenzie! Your party your mommy threw was amazing. I hope your bday in heaven was amazing! Im sorry its this way Kendra. I wish that Kenzie was here for you to love on for her birthday. You are so sweet and amazing!

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Makenzie;
Happy Birthday to you!

You are a beautiful angel who has touched many lives. Thank you for your amazing example of courage and love.

Jenni said...

Wow, what a touching post. She would've been one happy girl to experience a birthday party like that!!! Thinking of you on this special and hard day! May your dreams be sweet tonight! *HUGS*

Emma said...

Your words, the pictures...beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart, your sweet girl, your story.

Happy Birthday Makenzie Rye! Although I never had the privilege of meeting you, you have forever touched my heart. Your life lives on and the love you give your Mommy and Daddy and the love they have for you is incredible. You have amazing parents, only fitting for an amazing little girl!

So glad you had fun yesterday, laughing and feeling the love of your family and friends and the impact your sweet baby girl has on so many lives. Hugs, Em

Anonymous said...

Happy Birth day sweet one! You are in all of our thoughts today, wishing I could have met you. Your amazing parents are touching so many lives with your story and their dedication and love. I respect and love them dearly. Take care of them ok?! Agian happy birthday sweety!
Love Katrina

FROGGITY! said...

happy birthday sweet angel!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

That was the most beautiful post I've ever read. I am so glad you are able to celebrate her life. She was so beautiful and lucky to have you.

Alesha said...

This is such a sweet post. Time does fly on by. I sure wish celebrating the milestones was the way we planned. :( Dont worry supposedly my babies like Katy Perry and Kesha too because that is what I listen to. That is what the music therapist at Primary's told me anyway. :)


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