Monday, July 26, 2010

San Diego part 3

Day 4 was spent at the beach.
my favorite place in the whole world.
being there hurt
missed my baby
wished she touched the sand and the water for the first time
wished she felt the wind and smelled those smells

after emptying our sandy shorts and taking a short rest at the hotel we headed to coronado island.
took the ferry
had a great time
ate a great dinner
did a little shopping
watched the light show displayed on the uss midway
watched fireworks

on our way over on the ferry ms emma decided to entertain us with some awesome dance moves.

*ok im dumb- i cant figure out how to turn this video so you will need to turn your head*


Alerie said...

I am so sorry that it hurt so bad to be at the beach. Even though I know this does not take away the pain or the hurt of actually physically wanting her there with you, I know she was there with you enjoying every minute of the beach. She was with you enjoying of minute of this whole trip and every minute of each and every day of your life. She loves you so much!!

I love how the kids got buried in the sand. Those pics are too funny and Emma has some serious dance moves. She is too cute!! You look beautiful in all of these pictures!!

Jess's old blog said...

I love what you put on the side of your blog... all the places her initals get to go! thats way cute!


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