Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Love

I never thought I would love someone as much as I love my daughter. Its amazing how life changes when you have a child. I never imagined this feeling. Life is so simple now- its about my little family. As long as I have my husband and my baby I don't need or want anything else.
When its 3 am and she wont stop crying I still thank God I am blessed to be her Mom. I miss her when I wake up in the morning, I miss her when I haven't held her for a little while- she is so amazing I just want to look at her every minute of everyday!
I couldn't be more in love.


Esther said...

You are such a cute mom Kendra! I'm so happy for you, that you're enjoying motherhood so much!

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

You make me sooo excited to be a mom one day :) I cant wait for that feeling and that much love! Your the best mommy!

Katie Danner said...

I love, looove it Kendra. Having a baby looks so much fun- (I am sure hard work at times too!) and I love how much you are in love with her!! She is so beautiful. :)

FROGGITY! said...

she is just precious!! and gorgeous! :)

caitlin and brinton said...

oh Kendra... I'm so happy for you. I am way scared to ever be a mom, but you put me at ease a little bit by all your love for her. I would love to meet her and see you sometime! I'd also love to see Allie and her kids too. Maybe we could all make a lunch date some Saturday or something.

ML said...

She's definitely a cutie! I'm sure you're a wonderful mom.


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