Sunday, September 13, 2009


it's always so nice to get away from regular life where you have to cook, clean, run errands, worry, stress, drive, run.. etc..

it was amazing to be out in the middle of the woods with my baby wondering through the trees. makenzie just stared up and wouldn't take her eyes off the tall trees. she was so funny. i love my baby bjorn carrier. we walked up and down the roads, through the trees for a while just the 2 of us. we looked out the window most of the day- seeing the deer roam through. harley had a few panic attacks when she would see those deer out there. i wouldn't let her bark because i didn't want her to scare them away so she would sit at the window and shake uncontrollably. i thought it was hilarious!

ryan, randy and shaun were out hunting most of the time but it was great when they would come back and entertain us. they are always coming up with the funniest things to occupy their time- like- whacking a machete into a tree stump trying to get it in there far enough you couldn't get it out. let me tell you- this machete has been through some hard times- the handle is just about broken and the blade is as dull as they come. it was still pure entertainment though!

all the boys walked away with a deer this year- hooray. another year we have meat in our freezer. for those who don't know when they kill their deer, we butcher it ourselves and keep all the meat. we make it into hamburger, jerky and roasts for the up coming year. its been great for us since we got married because it saves us tons of money. I'm always finding new recipes and different ways to cook the meat. some people think its gross or to gamy but the way we cook it you couldn't tell a difference from our meat to cow meat.

have you noticed the fab outfit makenzie is sportin :)
this little girl really is very little. her pictures don't do her justice. when people see her for the first time they are shocked because her pictures make her look a little chunky and not so little. well she is tiny. she is very petite. her little socks are newborn and they don't stay on her skinny chicken legs so the only way i could keep them half way on her was to pull them up over her pants. it worked pretty good even if it doesn't make the best fashion statement :)

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Linds said...

My Randy is so jealous that your guys all got deer this year! I would love to get some of your recipes, I never know how to cook it.

Kenzie is always adorable, as are you!


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