Monday, September 28, 2009

look what i can do now!

Makenzie is so alert and and aware now. She is usually awake the majority of the day taking a few short naps here and there and sleeping through the night.
I got out some of her toys to start stimulating her and entertaining her with something other than my ugly mug.
This little ring thing was a huge hit. I know she didn't have a clue what it was but I placed it in her little hand and she grabbed on right away. She just held it for a while. I wen to take it away and she screamed. I gave it back and she calmed right down. I'm not sure if it was just luck but she seemed to know she wanted whatever that thing was she was holding. After a few minutes I turned to see her fast asleep with it still in her hand :)

In her crib I have an aquarium thing in there. It has fish and monkeys that move, lights and water simulation and it plays music- I turned it on the other day and she couldn't take her eyes off it. I would call her name and she would turn and look at me then turn back to the aquarium and smile.
Its so fun to see her growing and learning!

** for those of you who are not parents I know you think I'm crazy!
Yes I wrote a post just to tell you my baby held onto something and looked at something. Its weird how excited I get about the smallest things but it really is amazing to see this tiny little thing start growing and transforming into a real person- not just a bump that makes noise :)

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