Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prego Blues

Its been very funny to hear everyone give their 2 cents, advice and personal stories on pregnancy. I have listened to some and some has actually really helped, others- really really should just be kept to themselves. I have heard pregnancy is a miracle and your never happier and its the best thing ever. So I'm happy and excited to have this baby and have the opportunity to bring this child into the world but so far this "pregnancy" is not a walk in the park. Its not necessarily the sickness you can get its everything. So I'm constantly so worried about the weight gain- yes I know I shouldn't worry but seriously when your only 3 months and already your clothes are so tight you feel like you could win a prize for the most fluffiest muffin top? I guess I always thought oh when I get pregnant ill stay the same size then one day POP- Ill look like a cute well rounded 7 month pregnant hot mama. I guess I thought by some miracle I would not only not grow for a while but I would become "a hot mama" ;)
Its really great knowing there is this little thing growing in me, that everything I do, smell and eat is effecting it. What I'm sure other Mamas know is that everything that baby does, smells and eats effect you as well. I have never been woken from a deep sleep at 1 AM because it smelled! I have never hated yet been so in love with food at the same time. Ill kept eating because I knew it was good yet did everything possible to keep from gagging it back up. I have never walked up the 4 flights of stairs at work to almost pass out of aching muscles and exhaustion once I reached the top. As I am telling this kid to stop kicking my butt I'm sure its telling me the same thing! Ah the miracle of pregnancy.
I have now read 3 books! Great books but really is that what happens to all women and I'm the rare exception that is already showing at 3 months instead of 4-5 months? Am I the only one who really tries to work out but thinks I'm already tired enough- walking for 20 minutes will really just put me in a coma. Am I the only one who is completely exhausted but still having the hardest time sleeping already, instead of closer to the end or beginning of my 2nd and 3rd trimester? I guess I really must be the only one who gets so annoyed with my husband because he is simply breathing to heavy and asks one to many times "are you okay?"
I really must be the worst prego lady in town...
So fellow HOT MAMAs how did you do it?


caitlin and brinton said...

you crack me up!!

FROGGITY! said...

i am sure you are precious... everyone just gets through the best they can! :)

Chanse and Janell said...

ha ha, you are funny. I wish I could help ya, but I haven't been in that boat yet!

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

Oh hun!!! We need to do something pronto to bring all these poor blues into perspective! Its so easy to get all worked up by all of these new things... I've done it and again been doing it to! This weekend?


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