Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6:30 AM

and so its begun. a new semester! mine started this morning with my 6:30 am class. as i drove to school with the moon still shining and my cup-o-oj sitting next to me i couldn't figure out what prompted me to lose my mind and sign up for this class. HELLO! to make matters worse, its a communications class- a communications class at 6:30 am. please, i don't communicate at that time in the morning so to open my brain and talk about public speaking, interviews and resumes i almost fell out of my chair. 8:00 am rolls around and im still running around the campus trying to find my next class. i didn't even realize slcc has trailers over the river and through the woods but to my surprise they do. i did make it to history. history can be interesting when the information isn't flying over my head- unfortunately for me it usually does. not just flying but sores. i don't know why and i take note after note but cant grasp- who did what now...
hmm.. so lucky for me i have a great boss who will work with my school schedule and on tuesdays and thursdays i come into work by 10 am. so after the hour and a half of watching vikings and
1000 ad fly over my head- its time for work. its winter and im pregnant so i will be darn if im going to wear my work clothes (heels and all) to truck through the campus. so i do my specialty and make a little clothing switch-eroo in my car and hurrying inside to be greeted by 3 people already standing at my desk asking for one thing or another! thanks to my blog life it helps me escape the chaos for a bit. now after my regular day in the office and checking on my online classes during lunch you would think its almost over- but i have math tonight at 5:30!!!

*to all the others out there who go to work and school! we really should get some kind of award. and if you have kidos you deserve a nobel prize... that really scares me!


Chanse and Janell said...

6:30 a.m.?!?!?! You are CRAZY!!!!
I almost took a 7:00 a.m. class, but decided I'd never make it in time;)
Best of luck to you this semester Kendra!!!

Tara Bennett said...

You definitely do deserve an award. It's nothing shy of a miracle that I ever got a degree. It is so hard trying to juggle everything in life! Good luck girlie!!!

caitlin and brinton said...

Girl, you're absolutely nuts! I took at 7:30 AM class one time and it was the worst! However you seem like a sweet and chipper morning person so you should be fine :)


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