Friday, January 9, 2009

My enemy the laundry

Every week I find it hard to understand how 2 people wore so many clothes, dirtied so many towels and used so many mis. things like sheets or rags. I have never thought much about it, just sucked it up and do my weekly LARGE load of usually 4-5 loads of laundry. I have to mention Ryan works at a steel factory so he usually wears 2 sets of clothes a day- this is everything from shirts to socks and all in between. I wear my work clothes and change into my regular clothes as well. Since both sets are only worn half days I usually get 2 wearings out of some items like pants and some shirts. I still don't understand how it piles up so fast. I never feel on top of the laundry. I usually start on either Saturday or Sunday. I don't stay on top of it which inevitably makes me forget about at least one load which stays in the washer to long and I then have to wash it again.
Have I said laundry is my enemy? So the last few weeks as Wednesday or Thursday have come and I finally haul my 2 baskets full of clean yet wrinkled clothes upstairs to fold and put away I have thought- what the heck am I going to do when I have an infant at home throwing up or pooping on everything a few times a day? How in the world will I keep up on his/her things? Again I really have not thought of any ways to solve this problem but something needs to change. I was reading this website called CEOMoms when I saw the article in the corner "Do laundry the CEOMom way"
I couldn't click the link fast enough!!!
So here I am- WITH A NEW- NEW YEARS RESOLUTION (for at least 2 weeks for a trial)

Here's the big laundry secret (ready for this – it's a deep laundry thought): You wash today what was worn yesterday. You got it? You don't wash what was worn last Tuesday. That was washed on Wednesday.
Here's how it works. Your husband goes to work, your kids go to school, you are dressed for the day and any kids at home are dressed. You scoop up all the jammies and clothes worn yesterday and you stick them in the washing machine. A family of four can fit in one load. You may need to keep a few whites out if they need to be washed separately, but the majority of clothes can be washed together (cold water, cold rinse). Do this in the morning. When you have a moment a bit later, put the clothes in the dryer. When you have another moment, put the clothes away.
Before it would have taken you a long time to put the clothes away. Now it's easy. We're talking jammies that get put in drawers, a few pairs of pants and a few shirts (and some underwear). It's not like those old loads of laundry where there were 15 shirts that needed to be hung on hangers. You'll be shocked at how easy it is. You absolutely have to swear under no circumstances (unless you go into labor and even then send your husband home after the baby is born to do it), can you go to bed without putting away the load in the dryer. Really this won't be a problem. You'll be so amazed at how stress-free it feels to be on top of your laundry instead of buried, that you'll want to put it away. It feels good. Give it two weeks and you'll feel it too.
Ill give an update in 2 weeks so all those other people who have laundry as their enemy know if this really makes life much easier!

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Chanse and Janell said...

OMG! Chanse and I go through this same thing? He always blames all of the laundry on me, but I re-wear pretty much everything! Except undies ha ha. Anyways, we have this same problem. I hate laundry. We don't have a washing machine and dryer either- we have to pay for it, It's like a dollar for washing and a dollar for drying. We always have a huge pile, and there is never not any laundry. ugh.


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