Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh the loveliness of heartburn while pregnant. It started for me months ago and has progressively worsened as time goes on. People keep telling me that means the baby will have hair-
This kids pretty dang cute. He kind of reminds me of a baby duck and those Easter peeps in one!
I love Easter peeps and I love little baby ducks. I would love to have a little one I could squeeze and hug and love on all day long!


Claire said...

Well I had some heartburn while pregnant but it didn't equal hair for my little girl. She was essentially bald well past her 1st birthday and is now 4 with hair to her shoulders. That's the longest it's ever been! The poor thing wants long hair so badly but it just won't grow.

Thanks for visiting me today. I see you understand all about the doggie translations at your house!

Tara Bennett said...

LOL. that picture rocks!

I had heartburn during my entire pregnancy, and chloe STILL doesn't have much hair, so I'm not sure about the theory.... ;o)

Saturday at 7 works perfectly! I don't want you to have to fix something, though. Should we just go out to dinner and save you the work? I dunno. maybe you like to cook. I personally - don't. So.... you say. Either way is 100% fine. But if you make something then I want to bring something too. Yes, it will be bought from the store and not homemade, but still - I wanna help! Let me know girl! We're easy breezy.


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