Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harley Harley Harley!

OH HARLEY! This dog never gives us a boring moment!
I don't understand why but her nails wont grow for months- they stay very short then all the sudden they are talons scratching our faces off! I have attempted the nail clippers which resulted in me being the worst person by making her bleed. I have been traumatized since and wont let anyone but the professionals get near her nails. So when Ryan bought the Pedi Paws (you may recognize this from TV) I was pretty worried he wouldn't stop filing and file her nail right off! He assured me everything would be fine- He would just do a little every other day. After Ryan wrestled the dog to the ground and pretty much laid with all his weight on her so she wouldn't run away, he started trimming. After he was done and got up (no blood by they way) he turned to walk away and I saw this


Harley at one point was finally given the opportunity to not be locked up during the day- She was able to roam the house and be free. Her privileges were soon revoked when she decided the house was more fun to chew on than simply relax in so she was sent back to the cage. Now this is no ordinary cage- its about 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. We put her toys, blanket and food in there to keep her happy. When we came home last night- We found her trying to hide in the corner. When Ryan went to get her out her nose was bleeding! We still don't know what she did- whether she was trying to get out, her hard toy cut her or what. I felt so bad all night- I kept putting neosporin on it last night and it does look better this morning. Crazy dog!

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