Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry December 2

The count down is on! Ready or not Christmas season is here. I am actually very very ready. I love this holiday and eagerly await it every year. Its so peaceful and full of love this month. No matter how busy and crazy things get when I come home to see our Christmas tree it actually calms me. This year is extra special for Ryan and I. We are cutting WAY back so its really going to just be filled with what it should be- LOVE! Oh isn't that adorable :)
I started to shop for Ry over 2 months ago. He is all done and so is everyone else we shopped for. Ry keeps asking what I want and I really cant say. I have not even thought of that and don't think ill ever find time to. Between work, school, family and just other little surprises over the last few weeks I am completely over whelmed with anything and everything but myself.
Yes many of you will think- FINALLY! he he.

Rewind a bit.... Thanksgiving was great! We ate with Ryan's family and boy was it YUMMY! (I am still thinking about those potatos Brooke!)
It was so relaxing and enjoyable. We ran by my Momi for dessert. She made yummy pies. We had a great time just being with the family that day.

Rewind a bit more...
The weekend before Thanksgiving Ryan's Grandpa Arvel turned 90!!! I am very upset with myself but I didn't have my camera so no pictures! We had a fun time though and GPA Arvel looked amazing. He is such a wonderful man and I am just so lucky to have met him. I don't know what it is about Grandparents and why they are so amazing but they are.

So school is almost out for the semester. I finished English last night with a big bang of our final project presentation. My group has been working on this since September and I cant tell you how happy I am to have it OVER! Tonight I have Psych and ready to get that final over and done with. Next week I have my math final.... Seriously- School needs to END. I get almost a month off then ill be back in January! I love being able to cross all the classes off my list in order to graduate. My list is still very long since it included my classes to get a bachelors but its still very exciting! BTW- For those who know me know I HATE math and guess what. I'm taking my last math class next semester!


Chanse and Janell said...

I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I always wait until the last minute. ha ha. You finish Math next semester?! LUCKY DUCK! I've just begun. I think I have 3 left after this semester. Good luck with finals!!!

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

and what little surprises might those be?! hehe. :)

Tara Bennett said...

I'm glad one more semester is on its way to completion. School is so much work. You are amazing to keep up with everything like you do! Hopefully we can see each other this holiday season. We're going to throw a little party for our friends. I'll give you the details once I know for sure, but pencil in the 13th. =)

Tara Bennett said...

Hey Kendra I don't have your email address. I sent an evite to everyone else. Anyway, just wanted to let you know we're having an ugly sweater party this Sat at Oby's parent's house at 7:30. Come if you can!!!


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