Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 102 Post!!!

Happy 102 Post. I was going to do a huge she-bang for #100 however in my slack of a self I didn't pay attention as Mr 100 came and went. Plus who cares about 100? What makes him so special. I say Ms 102 is just as spectacular! So Ms 102 is the post about my material LOVES.
My I LOVE list...

This picture captures 2 of my favorite things- any sunset and every ocean! I am completely obsessed with both. I love the ocean. I tried to do a little ocean paradise in my bedroom and when I see my little stack of sea shells I drift off into day dreams ;)

I am not a huge accessorizer. Mainly because I just don't know how. I see others and envy their style. I usually wear a neckless and earring- usually that's as far as I go. One accessory I do love and think I usually can pull off other than the basic jewelry is scarfs! I have just a couple really fun really ME. Bright colors and some just settle for when I bring out my bright coats.

If I was asked one thing I couldn't live without- Other than Ryan I would without a doubt say MILK. Seriously I would probably give up on life if I became lactose and tolerant. I live for MILK. That might be a little strong but I just love this stuff! AH MILLLK.. I am very very picky about what kind of milk and how cold it NEEDS to be. Non of that luke warm gas station milk- EWWW!

You know that saying "Theres always room for pie" Well for me its definitely NOT pie its Popsicles! I can never be to sick or to stuffed for a yummy cold fruity Popsicle!

This is a new found treasure! Bath and Body Works Cashmere lotion!

HALE LU YA! This stuff is NOT on the cheap side of lotion for me but I just melt when I use it. It leaves this smooth lather that smells awesome. I try to use it sparingly but that never happens. I love this stuff!

I think everyone loves music- I have many many many different kinds of music I like. 2 of my most favorite artists are the one and only:

Kenny C. has some amazing songs. I really don't think I have ever any music from him that I don't like. One of my most favorite songs he ever wrote was "I Will" When Ryan and I got married we didn't exchange vows so I really wanted something that we gave each other at our wedding that we could remember forever. We decided to dedicate a song to each other and we wouldn't know what the song was until it came on at the wedding. This was the song Ryan chose for me.
Brad Paisley. This incredibly talented guy can turn the weirdest things into my most favorite songs. When his song "She's Everything" first came out I fell in love with it. I kept thinking it was the cutest song I had ever heard. When Ryan and I were listening to the song one day he said- this song reminds me of how I feel about you. So it became our song. We played it as our first dance at our wedding.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm just a little obsessed with FRIENDS. Every DVD and game is constantly on show at my house. I cant get enough of them. ALL 6 OF THEM.

Oh Mr. Ed Hardy. I have seriously spend more money than what should be legal on this brand. Why am I so in love with it? I don't know. Its hard to explain! The perfume, the shoes, the sweatshirt and tshirts over take me. I wish there was an Ed Hardy Anonymous!
So fans- here is just a little taste of what I love. I think everyone should do this! Its nice to share :)


Tara Bennett said...

LOL. This post cracked me up. I too have a thing for BP - such a hottie and love that voice!

caitlin and brinton said...

Cute post! I HATE milk... if I had to drink milk everyday I would puke!! :) I'll take those popsicles though, any day, and also that cashmere lotion... it smells SO good!!

BloggessJ said...

I'm visiting from TMI Tara's blog. Loved this post. I too have a little thing for Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley.....BP with a little facial hair....that makes my week right there! :)

Chanse and Janell said...

Very cute post! I may have to do the things I love! I wan to try that lotion! It sounds amazing, and I am also a sucker for lotion:)


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