Monday, December 29, 2008


We had such a great Christmas! I loved that we kept it really low key and just full of fun and family. On Tuesday we had my Moms big family party. All the brothers and sisters came over to my place and we partied the night away. My mom always does some fun activity for the kids and this year she had them put on a play. I was so surprised because everyone of them did what they were told to do and even kept their costumes on.

Christmas Eve... We had a great time hanging out at Ryan's sisters place for a little while. We got to see some really great family friends and have some yummy food. We couldn't stay long because we then ran off to one of my sisters party. That place was full of every kind of food you could think of. My sister Amy and Kristianne made some traditional Danish dishes and treats that my Grandma used to make. AHH they were so yummy! Lots of friends joined us there and we all just had a great time. After we got home around- 1 am. Ryan still needed to wrap my gifts and I just cleaned up the front room a bit, and we were off to bed.

Christmas!!!! We got up about 9 and opened our gifts to each other. I got a IPOD dock and a digital picture frame. Ryan got a range finder and lots of other hunting things.
After our morning we rushed off to Ryan's sisters to watch Addison open her presents!!! She was so cute. I loved seeing how confused yet excited she was at the same time. We had a great breakfast then went to Ryan's parents to open some additional treasures. It was then time to visit all the grandparents! It was so fun to see them all on such a great day. We even squeezed in some movie time. Ryan and I went and saw Marley and Me. AH my new favorite show. Maybe because I am so inlove with my Harley but it was such a great show. For those who really know us and know us since we got Harley- That movie is exactly like our story. Our dog was the WORST dog ever when she was little. We had to replace doors!!! Floors, blinds, clothes, shoes, toys, beds! She is not as bad now but still gets into trouble from time to time. After all our holiday fun we went to my Moms house to call Jonathan. It was so great to talk to him. He sounded so grown up it was really weird. He is doing so good and is really really happy. We had a great talk and I just cant wait for one more year to pass and he will be home!

By the time we headed out the storm had started. What usually takes us about 30 mins to get home from my moms house took us 2 hours! The roads were just horrible. We couldn't see anything. Luckily we made it home safe and sound!

I forgot my camera but ill post pics asap.
We really had such a great holiday. I am so grateful for all the people in my life and all the great blessings I have.

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