Monday, December 22, 2008


I was thinking about last year and how Ryan and I were in a place where we were able to give so much more than we were able to this year. I felt a little sad because I know we really made a difference in some children's lives and this year we did what we could but just not as much as I would have hoped. Do any of you do anything special this time of year? Do you go beyond family and friends and help people who really need help? People you may not know?

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Robin said...

I know its really hard to see that there are so many other people out there that need help and you know that you could help and that you are so much for fortunate than they are but sometimes it is hard. This year Annie and I got 2 people off a giving tree at the nursing home that her mom works at and we bought them sweats that is all they asked for. Its crazy how the smallest things can make a big difference to someone else. But you and Ryan have always been so awesome and so giving to each other and even if you couldnt help any out, just being such good friends helped me out this year!


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