Monday, December 22, 2008

3 DAYS!!!

Only 3 days till Christmas! I love this time of year. I cant believe one more year has past and a whole new year is to come. Its always so exciting to reflect on whats happened over the last 12 months. I worry yet am so excited to see whats up next. I talked to my brother Ben who is in Korea on the phone this morning. Every time I talk to him I just hurt how much I miss him and my nieces. He had a little accident last week on his motorcycle. Believe me- I have seen Korean drivers- I'm just so grateful he was able to walk away. His bike is not in the best of shape and he got pretty banged up but its so good to know he is okay. One more thing to add on my list to be grateful for. He always has the best attitude and whenever I felt a little down I either need to talk to him or remember things he has told me!

I'm excited for this time of year mainly because I know ill be able to be with family. Tuesday is my family's Christmas party. We will then bounce back and forth from my family and Ryan's family parties on Christmas eve then Christmas day will be filled with the Webster side!

Here is our home with a little extra cheer!

We really don't have a certain theme to our tree. We have more cowboy-hunter type ornaments but we also have lost of others as well.

I love our football ornaments!

Part of our tree is full of the hunters in us. Yes this is a hunting boot. We also have a hunting vest, hat and plenty of deer!

Harley does have her own ornaments as well! We got this awesome Santa riding-what else- but a Harley Davidson! She has a few others like this!!


Tara Bennett said...

I love the football and hiking boot ornaments! Too fun. Your tree looks so pretty!

Merry Christmas Kendra!!! Hopefully we can find a time to get together after the holidays. Do you guys snowmobile???? I'm thinking a trip to my parent's cabin might be in order.

Chanse and Janell said...

Cute tree Kendra!!
Merry Christmas, safe traveling!

caitlin and brinton said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kendra!

Lilli Francesca said...

Yes! We know the Webster's they came to our wedding. Thanks for the comments. Hope you are doing well too. Merry Christmas! Lilli & Adam

Chanse and Janell said...

I bet you looked great on Christmas! Don't lie, ha ha ha. Did you have a good Christmas?
New Years... I don't have plans yet. What are you doing?


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