Friday, May 30, 2008

Motocycle Lovers!

My amazingly talented older brother has opened up his motorcycle shop a few months ago. I have to say its crazy! He has done an incredible job get it all put together and they have taken off with a bang. I wanted to let anyone out there who has a motorcycle and needs or wants any kind of work done to head over to my brother Rick. He is the most honest person around and he really does some amazing work with everything. He has built several of his own bikes from the ground up and many more for others! I added his shops website to my link list.


Candy said...

SWEET!!! I am stoked to see what you're doing. How are you? Where are you at? Tell Ryan hi as well as your dear sister Jill.
All my best.


Benjamin and Jennie said...

Kendra how are you doing. I just saw that you have a blog and wanted to say hi. You look so happy!!!

Jared and Laura said...

You have such a cute blog...and I didn't know you were married, congrats!! I hope your family is doing well. My husband, Jared, has dreams of owning a motorcylce...we'll keep your brother in mind.


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