Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night Ryan and I took Devlin to a Bees game! He had fun following the Bee around, Playing on the playground, riding the train and eating treats but he didn't have a good time at all watching the game. Ryan got to sit and watch the game in silence while I kept Devlin busy the whole time.

I wanted to announce we are moving!
We signed the papers to put our house up for sale yesterday. I'm so nervous to move within the short amount of time we have lived in our cute townhouse but I think its the right thing to do for us at this time. We are very excited to move closer to our jobs! Cutting out traffic everyday is going to be heaven. I really hate scheduling my classes around traffic along with everything else we do. We have done some minor things to fix up our place over the past year and a half so we hope to come out ahead when we sell. I'm so excited for this new adventure and we see where we end up living.


Tara Bennett said...

Good luck with the sell! Starter homes are selling even in this crazy market, so I'm sure you'll be outta there in no time. Keep us posted!

Esther said...

Hi Kendra! That's awesome you have a blog! It's fun seeing what you are up to. Good luck with house hunting, and selling your place, it's always nicer to have a shorter commute to work.


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