Friday, May 23, 2008

Harley in fashion

She wore an itsy bitsy tiny winny yellow poka dot bikini!
I am one of those weird people who thinks its cute to dress up their dog. Harely doesn't wear clothes all the time but she does have options of things to wear. She has to wear a coat in the winter because she hates being out there when its snowing in her eyes so we got her this big puffy red coat that has a hood to protect her.
Now that its summer- I couldn't help but get her a fun cute bathing suit! We had to go to petsmart last night to get some new toys and I couldn't help but get this adorable swim suit. Harley has her own pool that she loves to play in so I thought it would be great for her to have this. Plus this summer while we are all playing on the boat, she can join right in with her swim suit.
Clothes don't bother her anymore- she is used to her crazy mom. For Halloween I couldn't make up my mind to pick just one costume so half the night she was a cowgirl the other half a witch. Other than loving her new swim wear and posing so perfectly, she loves her new toys we bought her-
I have a feeling those toys will only last a few hours!

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