Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Every year on Memorial Day weekend we head down south to the cabin to open it up for the summer. Its in Cedar breaks near Brian Head. This year we had a not so good surprise! There was still snow. It snowed on us everyday we were there. It was extremely cold but we made the best of it and actually had an awesome time! Ryan's parents, Randy and Becky and his sister and brother in law, Shaun and Brooke and of course Addison and Harley all came up. We were lazy a lot and I started reading this new book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer which I am loving right now. We played paint ball- my husband hit me all of the 4 times I was hit. The back of my head, my leg, my wrist (that one made me cry it hurt so bad!) and my eye (okay I had my face mask on so it didn't even hurt but it made us all laugh).
Harley loves to be out doors. She followers her nose where ever it may take her but she never goes to far. She De-barks any log or stick she can get her paws on. Little Addison was a burrito the whole time to make sure she stayed warm. She is such a funny little baby. We had such a great time- less than a month till we go back!

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