Thursday, March 12, 2015

Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day.
 I know its a bit cheesy but I am all about any excuse to have a mini party, do some themed events & food and coordinate clothes.
Tracker made valentines for all his family and friends this year. He has a big family so it took forever! I wanted it to be him doing every bit of it so we had to break it up over a few days. One day he stamped another day he did stickers and another day he colored. I swear it was far too much work so I hope everyone that received one of those bad boys framed it and kept it forever! Ill be checking when I come for my next visit. 
We did a Valentine party for the kids I babysit. There was games and decoration and food and a valentine exchange. They had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. 
We had a "Red" meal before valentines day which has become a tradition.
The day before Valentines I was running errands when Ryan called me and told me to go home right away. We got ourselves a new bed for vday so we weren't going to do anything else for each other. I rushed home (secretly thinking Allie and Derek must have surprised us and got there sooner than we were thinking) and there was a Edible Arraignments out front. I was so surprised. 
He got the stuffed animal for Tracker and the balloon for Makenzie.
We had the Anderson's here on Valentines day so the kids all woke up to some fun goodies. 
We ended the day with a very yummy rib dinner.
My sweet Mom made sure to take all of the valentine gifts we sent to Kenzie up to her. It always means so much that family and friends there make sure she is taken care of.
 We also made sure to send our girl some valentine balloons.

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Auntie EM said...

He is a heart breaker....I love him!!


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