Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patricks Day

I love holidays... Any excuse to make themed food/decor/crafts is alright by me.
We send decorations home to family and friends every holiday to decorate Kenzie's spot for us. 
I wish we could be there ourselves but they do a pretty good job. 
I have been teaching the kids about colors/rainbows for a couple weeks leading up to St. Patricks day so they thought it was the best thing ever to have a rainbow themed breakfast & the green milk sent them over the edge. We did a few crafts (shamrock thumb prints, fruit loop necklaces), sang our usual rainbow song and called it good. It didn't last more than an hour but it was fun. Tracker wouldn't take off the tiny leprechaun hat which kept me laughing all day. The string kept getting caught on his ear making it bend funny. I think I took a billion pictures of his bent ear... Seriously people this is my life. The things that entertain me... It doesn't take much. I cooked corned beef and cabbage for dinner which is what I have always cooked on St. Patricks day for years. This year I cooked it different and it turned out sooo delicious. 
Love to celebrate a little bit of the Irish in me.

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