Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tracker Kent 29 & 30 months

Favorite Foods: Turkey, Chicken, Deer Hamburger, Blueberries, fruit snacks, fish crackers, rice.
Favorite Book: Polka Dot Books. 
Favorite Toy: Planes, Trains and Cars. Balls.
Injuries: Nothing more than the usual
Height: 38" Weight: 38 lbs

.Loves getting out in the sand any day that is above 40 degrees.
.Still loving Mickey but Cars, Planes and Thomas are right up there.
.Watched Finding Nemo which is the only movie other than Cars, Planes, Toy Story that he will watch. Everything else scares him still.
.Loves reading and will hold one side of the book while I hold the other.
.He decides each morning if he will wear a hat or do his hair.
.He has started becoming more picky with his clothes. Out of the blue one day he screamed while I put pants on him. He sat there trying to pull up the legs saying "no pants mom" Its been since summer that he has worn shorts so when I asked if that's what he wanted to wear he got so excited and has asked to wear shorts many days lately.
.Washes his hands on his own before each meal and after coming in from outside.
.Calls Jill 'Grandma' when we FaceTime.
.Has learned his colors but still doesn't remember that brown isn't black and sometimes mixes up pink and purple. When he gets a choice of what color he wants of something he usually always wants blue.
.We are going to Disneyland this summer and have been talking about it with him. He will ask "We go to Mickey house and I hug him and donald and goofy and daisy and mini and pluto." He thought it was so funny to look at the pictures of Ryan and I in Disney years ago and that "Daddy hug my Goofy".
.Is so worried about everyone when they are sad and make sure to give them hugs and try to comfort them. He will hold your face and say "Mommy its okay!" 
.He has been refusing to let Ryan give him kisses or hugs when we tuck him in to bed at night but any other time of the day he is all over his dad.
.He also decides if its a hat day or a "do my hairs" day.
.Rides his bike everyday and loves going up and down hills.
.Is the funniest kid ever. We are consistently laughing at things he says or facial expressions he makes.
.Has the worst gag reflexes. Just about every time he puts something in his mouth he gags before he starts to chew it up.
.Will try everything but won't eat everything which is fine with me. At least he will have 1 bite. With a lot of things he is hesitant about eating he will have the 1 bite and actually love it.
.Is obsessed with meat. All kinds of meat. That's the first thing he eats and asks for it at every meal. Turkey, chicken, deer, hot dog, pork, steak, nugget, sausage... He knows what each is and will ask for that one specifically. The other night I asked what he wanted for dinner and he said "umm (while holding his hand to his chin) I wants turkey, sausage and chicken." So I got him some turkey and gave it to him. He then said "MOM I needs my sausage and chicken!" So he got sausage and chicken as well. That doesn't usually happen but it was too funny to not give into.
.Ketchup is still apart of just about every meal.
.Loves to sing songs and learning new ones. We mainly sing kid songs (wheels on the bus, rainbow song, itsy bitsy spider, snowman, popcorn, twinkle little star, you are my sunshine, let it go, etc) but he loves Chicken Fried and other Garth Brooks songs.
.When he dances he is all over the place and takes up an entire room as he throws his arms all over and rolls around and shakes his booty.
.Loves puzzles and hungry hungry hippo board game.
.Picks out which "friends" he goes to sleep with every night. Usually he has 8-10 stuffed characters in his bed but every so often he only wants 1-2 or even none. Its so funny how he picks and chooses something different every time.
.Runs and screams everyday when Ryan gets home. Its his favorite time of the day.
.If he wakes up before Ryan and I, he will give us a kiss on the lips then open our eyes lids saying "wake up".
.Still herds the kids I babysit around the house like cattle. He knows who's sippys are who's and who sits where during singing/reading time and he knows who gets what colors for certain activities and where everyone sleeps and how we stand in line. and he make SURE everyone is doing their job. Its hilarious to watch. I have to get after him sometimes because he can be a little rough. He just wants to make sure everyone is doing what they are told.
.One day out of the blue I asked Tracker what does daddy say and he said make a funny fart noise with his mouth. I about fell off the chair laughing. So I asked well what does Mommy say and he put his finger to his mouth and said "shhhh". again I was rolling on the ground laughing. So we continued... What does Tracker say, and he made a burp noise (which seriously he burps all the time) and harley says "ruff" and then came up with a bunch of other funny noises his friends say. Ryan and I laugh every time.
.He will repeat EVERYTHING we say. He is getting better at saying the words right and not just a jumbled noise.
.Asks to go ride the horsey daily. Over the winter we ended up at the mall where the horsey was almost weekly and sometimes a few times a week. Now that its warming up and we can go to a park instead he has not been as happy. He loves that horse.
.We got him his first fishing pole which he is obsessed with. He will stand on the couch or bed and cast it across the room and reel it back in all by himself. Over and over. We have our first fishing trip planned this month and can't wait.
.He loves his baby sis doll which was Makenzies and has often taken it with us when running errands. I have been so surprised how many kids and even an adult comment on a boy playing with a doll. Is it just me that its not a big deal for? Are we teaching our kids that dolls are only for girls? While in Idaho we went to this fun toy store and out of every single toy he could have picked he wanted this baby doll and bottle. As we were checking out this kid came up to him and would not stop saying things like "hey kid that's a girl toy. I hope you are not getting that for you. you are so weird. I kept saying things like "Yes its for him and that's okay. Boys can play with dolls." This kids parents just stood there not saying anything and looking at us. I felt so sad for that kid because of this rule he is apparently being taught. 
.Helps me cook every meal. In the morning when we whisk the eggs he says "scoop scoop scoop" over and over while he does it. I tell him say whisk and he continues saying scoop.
.Tells us when he is ready for bed at night and goes down great. but he still comes into our room at some point. Essential oils have been a huge blessing to help him go to sleep.
.Comes to tell me every time he goes potty in his diaper and isn't a fan. I refuse to potty train until after Disney though. I might regret that at some point but I don't want to worry about it there. I want us to be able to go go go and not worry about getting out of line to run to the potty.
.Track had a yucky tummy bug that lasted nearly a week. It was coming out both ends constantly. It was the saddest thing to watch. He wouldn't ever cry and he would grab for the bowl when he knew it was coming up. When he would fill his diaper he would say "oh no mommy theres water in there" and for weeks after when I would change him he would ask "water in dare?". Once he started to get better he still liked to carry his bowl around and pretend to puke.
.He loves all his friends so much and asks for them everyday.
.He has become obsessed with all sorts of animals of the sea. He loves all the little fish we can see at the pet store but he also loves all the whales and sharks and octopus. We have had him watch planet earth a few times and those are his favorite ones to see. He usually sleeps with one of his bath toy fishes each night as well.



Auntie EM said...

My theory about kids is that all they should worry about is: When do I eat and when do I play?? They should have no other worries other than those two things. Everything else should be taken care of by parents, grandparents, older siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and caregivers. When I see Tracker or pictures of him, all I see is joy...pure unadulterated it should be. I love him!!

Paige said...

Wow I can't believe how big he is. I have a 5 year old girl who is just a tad taller than him!!


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