Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Idaho We Go

Tracker & I headed to Idaho to visit with my sister and her family way back in February. 
Yes I am really behind in blogging. Its about a 7 hour drive from our house to hers so Track and I took our time  getting there stopping as often as Tracker needed. We found a few random and slightly scary parks along the way. Once we got to Lisa's we had a great time. 
We went running/hiking a few mornings, we cooked and got things ready for Sarah's birthday party. We played a lot. Talked a lot. Watched movies. Visited Jamba Juice daily, took a few long drives, went shooting, went to a toy store where out of every toy he could pick- Tracker wanted a baby and a baby bottle. 
My mom came for Sarah's birthday as well and got in Friday night. It was so nice to see her even if it was just for a day. Sarah wanted her party theme to be "Tea with the Emperor" Seriously where does she get her ideas from?! My sister did such a great job coming up with fun ideas and making it such a cute party. The best part was 20 minutes of meditation. Everyone sat there and followed along to the CD perfectly. and that includes Tracker! I about fell over laughing watching him close his eyes, try to hold his fingers and hands like the other girls and sit just like everyone else. Can you believe my sister made every one of the girls a kimono for them to keep? She is the best. Sarah had fun teaching Tracker how to bow which is what he wanted to do the rest of the day every time he would see someone. I loved watching him try to do everything the big kids did.
We had such a fun visit.

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