Friday, November 21, 2014

Tracker Kent 26 Months

Favorite Foods: Hot Dogs, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Nuggets, Apple Sauce, Yogurt, Raspberries.
Favorite Book: His Mickey hide and see book. 
Favorite Toy: Planes, Trains and Cars.
Injuries: Fell and bit his tongue
Height: 36" Weight: 33 lbs

This and That...
. Tracker loved going to a high school football game to cheer on our friends football team.
. Loves to get in the ottoman and rest his head or watch TV. He also stores his toys there.
. Loves going on walks.
. Is Ryans little shadow. He will copy everything Ryan does as he walks behind him. 
. Has started to hold our hands with our fingers between each other. He does this with Ryan when he comes in the bed with us in the night and will do this with me all day. We go grocery shopping and he has to hold both my hands like that while I try to still push the cart.
. If you ask him who is best friend is he usually says "Emma" but I'm trying to get him to say "Mum". 
. He loves his friends and asks for them daily. Kellan and Paisley are definitely his best buds. He is very protective of Paisley. He will hold her hand and guide her. He helps her up the play ground and if she is sad the entire world stops. They all play really well together.
. Still loving to be my helper all day. I am letting him do more stirring and cleaning and giving him more tasks to complete on his own and he loves it.
. Basketball has become the most favorite of all sports.
. He will pull over this little bench we have in front of the entertainment center and sit at it like its his desk. He will play with toys, lay his head down or color in that spot. Its pretty funny.
. My love of Ellen has rubbed off on him and he loves her as well. He will stand next to the TV and stroke her face while she talks.
. I went through the ABC's and asked him to write each letter and he wrote each and every letter... his way... I was so proud because he really felt he knew what he was doing. He took his time on each letter and got really into it. (picture is the scribble alphabet page).
. Loves the library.
. Loves to dress up and heels are a favorite.
. Is such a good Daddy with his baby. He will feed it and rock it really really fast saying "SHHHHH" really vigorously. It makes me laugh every time. 
. When he is scared he will cover his eyes with is hands but can still see whatever is scaring him as he is peeking through his fingers. He is scared of most things which is funny because he has no fear when it comes to jumping off a dresser or bed but when Sophia the first, Frozen or anything with magic comes on the TV he hates it. 
. Is getting better at trying new foods and will have at least 1 bite.
. Loved Halloween as long as he didn't have to see anything scary... The pumpkins with lights in them were really scary, spiders were scary and really anything dark was scary. But he did awesome Trick or Treating. 
. Got a little sick right before Halloween which made me worry we were in for another year like last year. Got sick right before Halloween and was sick until summer with one thing after another. Luckily it only lasted a day or 2 and he was fine and has been since.
. Loves to FaceTime with our family but when we face timed with Uncle Ben who is in Korea and he was actually at work- that took the cake. Seeing those big trucks was kind of the highlight of his life even if his face doesn't show it. He was amazed. 
. We went to our friends classroom to help her with a few things and seeing my baby in a real classroom nearly sent me running. He is growing up too fast and I can't imagine him going to school in just a couple years.
. Loves our preschool activities that we do everyday and asks to do it.
. We put on Polar Express thinking he would not like it and be scared but to our surprise he was glued to it and wouldn't look away. He has since watched it 3 times.
. Loves pushing the little shopping cart in the store when we go but I am not such a huge fan because 1. He rams my ankles along with everyone who gets in his way and 2. About half way through getting a couple items he is done pushing it and just wants to run.
. Have I mentioned how much this kid likes to run? He doesn't walk. Anywhere. He runs. From his bedroom to the tub to the kitchen to the door to the couch to anywhere we go. His legs are consistently moving. Luckily he is really good at listening when we go out and doesn't run from me.
. We got a buzz costume after Halloween on sale and he loves it. He wants to put it on and have me fly him around the room. He will hold out his arms and just smiles and laughs hysterically.
. Loves playing games on the "hi-pad" we limit how much he is on it to a few games a day and once the battery dies he can't play with it because its "broken" for at least 3-4 days. Its pretty funny when it dies he knows to take it to our room to get it "fixed".
. He hides his balls in our entertainment center but when he goes to get them out he always gets his head stuck and has to sit there yelling for help. I have never stopped to take a picture until recently because it is pretty funny.
. We do something every Kenzie Day- usually small like get ice cream or something- and its always something we treasure. We talk about Kenzie extra on those days and Tracker gets its a day about his sister.
. We are taking advantage of park and swing days because we can tell they are coming to an end quick. Its getting sooo cold outside.
. He is talking more and more and constantly amazing us how smart he is. 
. Knows his shapes including octagon and hexagon and knows which is which.
. Knows a good amount of his letters.
. Has pooped on the potty but thats just because he started to go in the bath and I quickly put him on the pot. I am not at all interested or ready to begin potty training. and he hasn't asked yet so ill wait :)

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