Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brand Rep

Tracker was selected to be a Brand Rep for My 3G's. 
If you are not sure what a brand rep is... They people who are sent items to test/try/wear and then blog or write about it. You are basically paid in free product which is my favorite kind.
Does anyone want me to be a brand rep? 

Anyway--- My 3G's is the cutest leggings company!
He got his first pair of leggings in the mail and I was in love.
The paint on them doesn't fade like others after washings. I know this because I have purchased many of these one of a kind leggings in the past and so many of them you can't even see what the design is after 3-4 washings. These are totally different. 
We went out back to take Trackers pictures with the leggings on. I basically made him stand in one spot and he did the rest. 
T is a natural.
Not sure if I can convince Ryan he should be doing this full time. 
I am still working on that.

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