Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween 2014

Tracker can be so funny when it comes to just about everything in his life. I can be certain he will love or hate anything because he is constantly changing. The Carousel is a prime example. He will love it one minute and hate it and scream the entire ride when we go again the next day.
So I had no idea what to expect for Halloween.
We had been talking about it for days so when it came time to go I was a little apprehensive. 
I tried to keep his coat off him as long as possible so you could somewhat tell what he was suppose to be. Everyone thought a wrestler... I guess we needed Harley there to complete the costume. 
We went to the first house and once he saw candy was being handed out he was sold. He RAN to every house, grabbed the candy and yelled "sank oo" as he jumped off the porch heading for the next place. He needed us right there the entire time because he is the most clumsy kid on the face of the earth and tripped every other step so Ryan and I looked like a bunch of gomers running here and there trying to hold his props and juggle candy and say thank you all while catching this kid before he smacked his face on the ground. It was pretty hilarious.
We met up with our friends to hit a few houses together. Tracker loved that. 
After we separated we finished our block and headed home to hand out candy ourselves. Tracker refused to let us carry his bucket until almost the last house which he then stopped, turned to us and held his arm that was carrying the bucket saying "owie, owie, owie" I felt bad his little arms got so tired. He filled his bucket to the brim even with Ryan taking some out so it wasn't so heavy.
We got home and sorted through his candy.
I loved doing that growing up and thought everyone did that but Ryan thought I was weird.
We let Tracker go to town on eating whatever he wanted that night.
He slept amazing that night! 
While we were out Ryan and I said to each other-- This is one of those moments were we really felt like parents. We were taking our kid trick or treating. That's huge!
Seriously this parenting stuff is nothing short of magic. 

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