Monday, November 24, 2014

Allie's Birthday

Some of our most favorite people came to us for a fun little weekend visit. 
They flew in on Friday evening just in time for dinner. We stayed up late visiting, chatting, playing and laughing our butts off. Tracker wasted no time becoming Emma's little shadow once again. He loves that girl. Saturday we started bright and early going to breakfast, taking a tour of the tri-cities stopping at all the major spots (all 3 of them) we pretty much made it a car tour since it was sooo cold out. We then headed to the new Carousel of Dreams. We had never been so it was a fun activity for all of us. The kids all rode it twice. 
After we split up and boys headed home to watch football and the girls headed to get pedicures.
That evening Allie and I went out for her birthday.
We went to dinner at this yummy Mexican restaurant and had the most delicious giant margaritas. 
We did a little shopping then headed to the movie Best of Me. After drying our tears we became far to silly in the photo booth taking some serious blackmail pictures. 
We headed home a little early to continue our fun. Its been a while since we have been able to talk and laugh like that. It was such a good night and one I wish we could do more.
 Allie and I have been friends since Freshman year in high school. I am so thankful for this friend of mine who I just adore. She is sweet and silly and knows everything about me. I admire the mother she is and often turn to her for advice. Goodness I am thankful to have her.
Sunday came way to fast and none of us were very happy about them going home.

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