Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A quick post before I go to bed.

Can I just say its ridiculous how expensive pregnancy tests are!
Can I also say its ridiculous that Costco doesn't carry pregnancy tests!
Seriously whats a hormonal, trying to get pregnant women to do when she cant buy her pregnancy tests in bulk?!
I have been so very tempted to take a test these past few days but have held off.
The anticipation is killing me.
Although, to be honest, I have a feeling I am not pregnant this time.  Maybe I'm just trying not to get my hopes up but I just keep having this feeling we will be doing this again.  I dunno. I'm still praying. Like I said before it will happen when its suppose to.

By show of hands who is loving the changing weather?
*I am raising my hand*
My sweaters are so happy to come out of hiding and my ultra white legs are so happy to go into hiding!
I have this whole list of fall "To-Do's" however we have completed NONE.
We tried the other day.
We were going to drive up the canyon near us to see the fall leaves and have a picnic.
We were all loaded up and got there to find the road was closed due to dangerous conditions.
So we sat on the grass near the road and ate our food.
How romantic.

Next month Ryan and I will have been married for 5 years!
Okay that seems like such a short and such a long amount of time all at once.
I sure love that man.
We had all these things we wanted to do on our anniversary however with our life the way it is right now I am thinking we will not be doing anything.  Maybe we will have a big 6 year celebration instead of 5. I mean who decided that 5 is a milestone anyway!  I told Ryan that he can plan something if he wants but I give up trying to think of something to do other than hang at home and watch re-runs of Still Standing.  (the same thing we do everyday) so we will see what we end up doing.
No matter what- I am just so thankful we are reaching this stage in our lives together.  I am so blessed to have him. To know him. To call him my partner.

I have written a few of these the last couple weeks and figured I needed to do it again.
I like to call them my... Don't worry, Be happy... lists.  Its basically a few things that remind me of the little things that I enjoy and could almost always bring a smile to my face.
- Ellen
- Real Housewives of .....
- Sugar daddys
- Ranch pork chops
- This mustard sweater that Ryan isn't very fond of but I love
- Bringing all my chucks back out. oh how I have missed them. I love them as much as I would love a pair of Christian Louboutin.
- Buying pregnancy tests
- Running on these chilly mornings
Okay that's better. Now when I have my poor me mornings I can look at this list and remember all the good in life. Then ill get up and enjoy one of my happy things.

T-Minus 2 days until ill take my first pregnancy test!

PS. As I sit here and type this I have 2 of THE loudest snorers surrounding me. I think I'm going to lose my mind. Harley is like an old women who cant breathe and has to lay there with her mouth wide open, head tilted back, almost gasping for a last breathe.  Then there is Ryan who sounds like a broken down car that is trying to start but just cant fully get the go to actually start.  OMG. I keep shoving and yelling at the 2 of them but if I didn't know better I would think they both are doped up on NyQuil or something because they are OUT. I seriously cant even hear myself think.  I am going to run and go to bed now before they get up there. I will never sleep with this nasal horn symphony.


Amy said...

The Dollar Tree has pregnancy tests..and they are only a dollar!! My friend told me her doctor said they are just as good as any of the other tests!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a stay-at-home mom from Ca that has been following your blog for months now. I appreciate the courage you have to put your life out their in writing... despite the criticism and unsolicited opinions you may receive.

Crossing my fingers, and sending many prayers from across the miles.
I'm almost holding my breath along with ya!!! Can hardly wait for you to see 2 pink lines :)


Kristin Milius said...

Seriously by some pregnancy tests at the 99 cent store!!! I've tested all three of my kids from them. I got a positive a week before my missed period!! Plus, if your like me which I think we r pretty alike ;) you can afford to test once a day on those babies!! Btw all pregnancy tests have the same ability to test for hcg. The more you spend DOES not mean the better they work!
Oh also, you don't know me but I have been silently following you blog for a long time! Love it. Love u. And love MRW!!! So routing for u!

Ginger said...

I was going to tell you the same thing, hit up the dollar store. I have struggled with fertility and taken many tests, they are just like medications and they are all the time same, you are just paying more because of the brand. You don't know me, but I love your honesty and I'm praying for you and Ryan every day.


Anonymous said...

Try these. You can't go wrong with 50 tests for less than $10. They are the same tests as the dollar store, but without the plastic case. After months and months of negative tests, I questioned them. But I finally got my positive on Sept 23 and am now 8 weeks along.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now. You are so positive, even all you have gone though.

I have seen test at costco.. They are by the pharmacy. They are on the wall by the window..

I hope this helps..

Chantel said...

Even better than the dollar store. Get the pregnancy test strips from Amazon. You can get 25 for $5.30 and shipping is free if you have Prime. Here's the link just copy it into your browser. Amazon ships fast as well. You'll probably have them in two days.

I can't begin to tell you the amount of money I spent on pregnancy tests during the 7 years of infertility treatments we've been through. These strips have been a life saver!!!

The Giffords said...

I was going to say the same thing about the dollar tree. They tests were always right for me. Good luck. Hoping for a positive.

Julie said...

I was going to post about the Amazon tests too. You're able to test SO early! No 2ww for you? Out of 15 IUI's I think that I only tested twice (maybe 3 times). I was always afraid too and it seemed that on the days I was going to test when I got home I always started that day. I didn't feel any differently on the two that worked than I did on the 13 that didn't so stay positive! :)

AJ said...

I vote for the Wondfo ones from Amazon too. Mine worked perfectly, very early response, easy to use, crazy cheap. :) Even after I got a positive one I kept testing for days after, watching it get darker and darker. Very satisfying! Good luck!

Ally Cox said...

Dollar store all the way! 10 tests for $10, you can't beat it! They work just as good as the expensive ones too! Good Luck!

Kellie Staats said...

I saw someone else wrote this comment but really buy these they work great!!

Glenda said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and praying!

Amanda Cole said...

Fingers crossed for a BFP!!:)-Amanda from Joplin

Annie said...

I was also going to suggest those tests on Amazon. I'm glad to see someone sent you the link because I really liked them. They look a little shady when they show up in a ziplock bag, but they work great. =) Good luck! I hope you get the answer to your prayers soon!

Toni ~ Mom to 8 heavenly Angels and 1 earthly Angel. said...

As I always tell my friends that are doing the same thing or like it: YOU ARE PREGNANT UNTIL PROVEN DIFFRENT! So that also means act like it to.. ((hugs)) and sticky vibes

Anonymous said...

I'm a blog stalker and just had to comment, don't stress already!! It takes atleast, if not more, than 6 days from conception to implantations. my last time, I got a positive the 9th day after I ovulated so you still have time before a positive will show up

...all of us said...

I've been following your blog for a little bit now and I live in So Cal. 3 kids, 1 dog and husband who also snores. I got 3 negative tests (with my 5 year old so I was obviously preggers) at home, one negative test at the dr office and then finally a blood test came back positive a week after my missed period so don't get down if it's negative. Could be too early!

S. Meinhardt in LA

Anonymous said...

OK - so everyone is posting about pg tests so I'm going to post about snoring. Uncle Rich held the record. You could hear him down the street, in the next county, probably in the next country. I jist got back from Costco and I remember going past the Breathe Right strips so now ... I'm am picturing Harley with a breathe right strip acrossed his nose. Funny vision for sure. Now my bedroom is so quiet I can hear a pin drop so I guess it is better to put up with a snoring husband because it's better than the alternative. I'm still praying for both of you and sending good baby vibes your way. I love you and Ryan so much and can't think of anyone I'd rather see get preggers than you guys. I agreee - we all have a lot to be thankful and grateful for, including our family which makes me smile every day. You are right - it will happen when it is supposed to. Keep thinking good thoughts my sweet friend. Love ya Aunt Mary

Alerie said...

I have been thinking about you all week!! I haven't tried the dollar store or amazon test, but everyone I know always tells me the same things that everyone else is saying above. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Erin said...

Im officially stalking your blog waiting to hear the news!! MANY prayers coming your way!

Becky W said...

I too am praying each day for you and Ryan. You know how much I love both of you and how proud I am of you. So, for the snoring business..if Ryan is anything like his dad, then I feel for you. I have spent many nights in the other room, on the couch, downstairs--and sometimes is was not far enough away. He tells me I snore ( I am sure that is not true). I just tell him I had the best teacher ever. A good set of earplugs is a must. There is a precious little one waiting to be a part of our family and he/she will get here when the time is right. Keep having hope and faith....Love you, Mom W.

Erin said...

Thinking of you!!


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