Sunday, October 9, 2011

End of the weekend.

Weekend is almost over. 
How do they always go so fast?
I did my daily test each day and each day was still negative.
I am not complaining.
It will happen when it happens.
I think it will be this week. 
That way my doc can do it. Hooray.
I cant believe by this time next week we could be pregnant!
The thought that this could actually happen is so surreal.
I am trying to sit back and let things just happen. I cant speed the process up. I cant do anything to change the outcomes. I am just waiting. I hope this happens. 
Ryan and I talk about what life could be like this time next year.
Getting ready for Halloween, our anniversary, Makenzie's angel day... Maybe all the while with a little peanut in tow. 
Boy or Girl?
We don't care. We just want them. Whoever they are.
Isn't it funny how the moment you start looking at websites like,, etc. your mailbox is flooded with magazines and coupons. 
So that's what my reading has been. Learning about how to be a fun parent, good listener and all the random activities that will keep a child entertained for .05 seconds because the craft is so lame.
But the babies are cute so Ill keep reading.

I am done with the cookbook! 
It has been sent for proofing. I will be sending the last bit of stuff tomorrow so I hope we can get the final order in this week.  It looks like we wont get the books until the first of November. I hope that works out for everyone.  This amazing sweet girl designed the cover for the book and it looks amazing. I cant wait to see it all printed! 
Thank you again to everyone who was able to submit recipes. Really you are amazing and I cant thank you enough!

*** Lets cross our fingers for my LH surge to come ASAP! haha... Make sure you add that into your family prayers ;) ***

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Anonymous said...

The time sure does go by fast, that is for sure. This week may be our last nice week for a while. All we have to do is wait a day and the weather will change. Never boring. I will continue to pray for you and Ryan that all goes well with the "procedure" so that in a few months, we can all rejoice. Keep the faith and be strong. I love you guys. Aunt Mary


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