Sunday, October 31, 2010

a different happy halloween

last year we had tons of pumpkins...
including the cutest one in the middle.

last year kenzie went to 2 halloween parties.
1 at grandma dianes and 1 at our place.
she was a punk rocker. unfortunately i never took a picture of her in her costume.
don't ask why not. im very upset about it.
we wanted to go trick or treating with our friends and planned to go with the andersons but changed our minds last minute because our little girlie was just not feeling to great. we didn't know if it was just a cold or what was going on but the cold weather wouldnt have been good for her. so we stayed in. we ate candy. watched tv and had only 3 or 4 trick or treaters.
we stayed warm. we were together. it was perfect.

this year. it hasn't been the same. we wanted to dress her up. we wanted to take her out. we wanted to get her pumpkins. we wanted to take her to see the witches. we had lots of things we wanted to do.
we ended up doing none. mainly because we couldn't think about doing them without her.
grandma becky bought kenzie a pumpkin so that's the only one we had until it started rotting away.
we got another little one to take to her.
we didn't carve anything. we didn't go to see the witches. we didn't buy her a costume.
but we did want to go out. we went trick or treating. we went with our nieces and nephews and friends.
we had devlin so he definitely kept us busy. and distracted.
until we went home. without her. without our pumpkin. without our dressed up little girl.
the night was hard but we ate our troubles away in candy we stole from devlins bag.
this year our halloween was spent here.
its a different place than last year. we never dreamed this would happen.
we brought halloween balloons, halloween toys, halloween books, halloween buckets.
we hung out with our pumpkin for a while on halloween.
ryan thinks we would have dressed her as a cow...
 i think we would have dressed her as sleeping beauty.

we shared her pumpkins with her great grandma, grandpa and uncle.
we read. we cried. we laughed.
we blew tons of kisses and we wished her a very
Happy Halloween!


Alissa said...

Happy Halloween to both of our angels in Heaven tonight. What a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween in honor of Mackenzie. ((hugs))

Tara Bennett said...

Oh I'm sure Kenzie loved it. You're an amazing mama. xo

Alerie said...

You guys are amazing parents....I'm sure she loved everything you did for her. Happy Halloween Makenzie!!

Robin said...

Kendra, I saw these pictures earlier today on Facebook at least the ones that you posted. You guys did an amazing job decorating her grave site. It looks way more festive than what I even did over at our place. I am planning on going out to see my grandparent's later on this month and I've gotta get some idea's for their site. I miss you a lot Kendra and I love you.

Anonymous said...

I miss your little pumking so much. I know she is smiling down on you both. Love you Mary

brigette said...

It looks great... it sucks that we have to decorate their grave rather than dressing them up but you did a great job!! It looks amazing. Im sure Kenzie is smiling from above!

Emma said...

Thinking of you and Kenzie and know she loved watching you have fun this Halloween...and yes, she knew you wished she was in your arms but I know was so glad to see you smiling along with the tears. Love and hugs, Em

caitlin and brinton said...

We had so much fun at the party on Friday - thanks for inviting us again. I am so glad we got to meet Makenzie last year at the party - she was darling and such a sweet baby. We missed her this year.

Shawna said...

I'm glad you still celebrated/had some fun. Even if it wasn't the kind of fun you wanted. I love the pictures and how much effort you put into everything. You are incredible.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Kendra
What a good way to see Halloween.
MaKenzie is happy and she is loving every minute of her life, don't ever doubt it. She knows of your love and is joyful in it. Look forward to great things in your life they will come. Thank you for sharing with grandma and grandpa--you made me miss them. Grandma loved Halloween and I'm sure she had a great time with Kenzie--lucky girl. You both are great and time will give you what you need just be patient with life because sometimes it is painful and you wonder why but know you are loved by many and the Lord loves you both so much.
Love you

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

You guys did so well honoring her for Halloween this year! I bet she loved all of it! And is diffently smiling at all the things you got her!

Jessica and Reece said...

Loved this post :)


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